Day 296 – 23rd October – A final flourish

Day 296 20181023

The weather has been so mild I have some late growing courgettes. The weather is starting to turn and today it was noticeable colder at both the start and the end of the day. It is probably too cold for these three (or even one of them) to grow large enough to be harvested. However I’m going to do my best to encourage it. I’m providing the plant with plenty of water at the roots. With the exception of the root vegetables which will stay in the ground a little longer, these are the last of this year’s crop and it would be nice to have a small harvest at this point to help provide for another meal or two.


Day 281 – 8th October – Freezing Fiesta

Day 281 20181008

Having done a load of crop harvesting, and with a few raised beds still to go, there was the need to create some space to freeze them for use later in the year. Potatoes take up quite a bit of space so I needed to use some of the crops from earlier in the year or even last year and then freeze them down. Which it might seem wrong, do this does free up quite a bit of space. 13 meals in one evening later and the meals are now in individual portions and in the freezer for later use. There are also more containers spare for future produce and more space in the freezer to add to the collection.

Day 260 – 17th September – Doubly Chilly

Day 260 20180917

I was looking up suggestions about how to freeze the chillis that I’ve harvested recently as there have been too many to eat without destroying my taste buds even more. Surprisingly one of the solutions offered was one that I had used before with a different harvest, and that was the notion of chilli ice cubes. Slightly different process as these needed to be frozen in water rather, but I now have ready made portions of chilli that I can add to future meals without much fuss.


Day 180 – 29th June – First Veg

Day 180 20180629

Having harvested from fruit yesterday, I had more harvesting to do today. I’ve been growing courgettes (zucchini for those in the US) as I do each year and two of them were at a stage where they were good to cut from the plant. Not only were they about the right size but it was going to allow the plants to focus their energy on other smaller ones that will be ready to harvest later in the year. (As an aside there’s a nice courgette / zucchini recipe just been posted on a blog I follow called Beauty Beyond Bones, so I may well have to give it a try with this crop).

Day 102 – 12th April – Springing into life

Day 102 20180412

We have finally had a couple of good days weather wise. As a result the garden has suddenly jumped into life. First to poke their heads into the sun has been the spinach here. Its not a great picture as the protective netting is still in place but you can clearly see the lines of leaves poking through. The seeds planted in the greenhouse have also started to come through so I will have some potting on to do in a few weeks time I suspect.

Day 90 – 31st March – Peas to you

Day 90 20180331

OK, so it’s a play on a religious term but given it’s Easter weekend I thought I’d be allowed the pun. The weather forecast was poor today so I decided that a day in the garden, where I could rush to shelter if needed would be good (in the end it was dry most of the day). There was a lot to do but after 11 hours I’d made good progress. The lawn was cut, the raised beds finished and installed, seeds sown either directly or to seed trays for both flowers and vegetables. There’s still a lot more to do, but a lot of the main work has now been sorted. The photo is of the pea netting installed in one of the new raised beds. One of the many tasks I got through.

Day 84 – 25th March – A very friendly lion

Day 84 20180325

So the title may be a little cryptic, but for someone of my generation they will recognise the line as from a television show called ‘The Herbs’. I was bought some additional window sill pots for Christmas and have decided to try (again) to grow a small indoor herb garden using them and some other herb pots that I had. If its successful then it’s a good addition to the grow your own that I do, and it will be nice to have genuinely fresh herbs for cooking with. The six I have are Mint, Coriander, Parsley, Oregano, Sage and Thyme.