Day 257 – 14th September – Ripening Up

Day 257 20180914

With the turning of the seasons my grapes have started to ripen. Hopefully they will continue to do so and I’ll end up with a good crop. This year has been bountiful and I’m hoping all the good sized bunches like this will ripen and I’ll have plenty to eat and drink. They won’t become wine, but some may be juiced.


Day 96 – 6th April – Connecting the Parts (pt 1)

Day 96 20180406

So with the wood ready to put in place I’ve replaced one set (two cross beams and 6 connecting batons) of the grapevine arches top frame. Happily enough, just about everything matched up and while it’s not quite perfect, most of the major connections lined up and I was able to remove and replace in a relatively short period of time. I should be able to get the second set up before the end of the weekend.

Day 95 – 5th April – Chipping Away

Day 95 20180405

With the raised beds now finished I still haven’t finished with the wood work. I have noticed that the top frame of the grape vine arches has rotted to the point it needs replacing. So I’ve marked up some new wooden batons and chiselled out the various connecting areas to create the overlapping connections where it will be screwed into the existing frame which remains good.