Day 94 – 4th April – Excess Waste

Day 94 20180404

I’ve now finished and placed out all the new raised beds. I do though seem to have made a miscalculation in the number of bin liners I needed to line the insides of them. I have two completely unused rolls of bags (and a partly used roll that isn’t in the photo). Thankfully with something like these, I’ll always be able to use them up as time goes past.


Day 90 – 31st March – Peas to you

Day 90 20180331

OK, so it’s a play on a religious term but given it’s Easter weekend I thought I’d be allowed the pun. The weather forecast was poor today so I decided that a day in the garden, where I could rush to shelter if needed would be good (in the end it was dry most of the day). There was a lot to do but after 11 hours I’d made good progress. The lawn was cut, the raised beds finished and installed, seeds sown either directly or to seed trays for both flowers and vegetables. There’s still a lot more to do, but a lot of the main work has now been sorted. The photo is of the pea netting installed in one of the new raised beds. One of the many tasks I got through.

Day 85 – 26th March – Discount Development

Day 85 20180326

I’ve decided to experiment further with what I’m growing by adding a Goji Berry. I had a 50% off a single plant voucher through the door for a local garden store. While I knew some of the plants that I wanted, sadly the store didn’t have any, so I went for something different. I’ve now got a range of berries and while they are currently all potted, I need to decide whether I will continue with that to plant them out and create a ‘berry’ area of the garden.

Day 56 – 25th February – Raw Materials

day 56 20180225

Having replaced 2 of the 3 rotting sleeper based raised beds that I have, I decided that I would have a go at building one myself as it would be cheaper. There are some quite cheap raised beds available to buy but the material isn’t always great, so I opted for cheaper than the ones I normally buy. I managed to achieve that with what I bought from the store. In the picture are 4 planks of decking which will be cut in half to provide double the height of one and thus a deeper bed, and a wooden fence post for securing the corners.

Day 53 – 22nd February – In with the new

day 53 20180222

This is what has replaced the sleeper based raised bed. It’s roughly the same size (maybe a little bit smaller) in terms of content, but as can be seen, the border itself is not as wide. I will get some turf in a few weeks time to make the area look nicer. It has made me realise that if I wanted to, I could probably move the raised beds a little closer and fit another 3 in, but for the time being I’ll make do with the 12 that I have.

Day 49 – 18th February – Out with the old

day 49 20180218

I’m slowly revamping the vegetable area with some newer raised beds. These ‘sleepers’ are from the original raised bed that I created over 10 years ago. That area of the garden has changed a lot in those 10 years, not just in size but in style. A lot of this wood is rotten on the whole and once some of the dirt has been washed off by the rain I’ll be able to work out if I can reuse any of it.