Day 353 – December 19th – Early Starters

Day 353 20181219

I had a bit of a clear out in the gardne, removing some dead plants and cutting back some of this year’s growth on plants that need it. It’s been so mild that my spring bulbs, mainly daffodils, are starting to come through already, three months early. In repect of the colour in the garden I don’t mind at all, but my concern is what might happen to the plants if there is a sudden cold snap like at the start of this year, it could cause real damage to the bulbs while they are active rather than dormant. There’s nothing I can do but just hope.

Day 229 – 17th August – An Early Breakfast

Day 229 20180817

The photo above is probably a little baffling as it’s totally unclear what it is. It looks like a blob of something on a wall. In fact it’s two things. For me it’s the remains of a bulb from a flowerpot outside my back door. To the squirrel I that was sat on the wall with the bulb in it’s mouth it’s the leftovers of it’s early breakfast! I was less than impressed and as I opened the door I was hoping that in it’s surprise the squirrel would scarper, dropping the bulb in the process. Instead I witnessed a squirrel doing a sprint across the garden with a bulb in it’s mouth bigger than it’s head. I’ve learnt my lesson though and the pot is now in the garage where it can overwinter and it will come back out in spring for what is left to bloom.

Day 163 – 12th June – Lily of the…Patio

Day 163 20180612

As well as the flowerbeds I have a wide range of potted plants on my patio. One that I particularly like are lilies. They aren’t everyone’s favourite as I know from experience how they can stain clothes when the pollen gets on them. It’s cost me at least one shirt from memory. However for all of that I do think that the flower in full bloom is a wonderful sight. This is from a tree lily that I have which has a generous 6 blooms on it, despite two only being visible in the photo. Although not at full height yet, once mature these can also grow up to about 5ft and will eventually, I hope, add to a magnificent display on the patio.

Day 31 – 31st January – Snow Dropping

day 31 20180131

The church that is next to the village pond I have a stroll around most lunches as part of the Walk 1000 Miles boots on challenge I have set myself currently has swathes of snowdrops blooming at the moment. I’ve always liked snowdrops when they appear en-masse like they do above. The biggest shame for me is that for whatever reason, I’ve never been successful in getting them to grow well at home. 2 or 3 for a year if that and then nothing. I’ll have to hope that the snowdrop I had blooming earlier manages to survive and I’ll get more in the years to come.

Day 19 – 19th January – Last of the Hyacinths

day 19 20180119

If I have a favourite indoor flowering bulb it’s a Hyacinth. There’s a number of reasons. They have a wonderful scent that can fill a room with just a couple of flowering bulbs. The way that the many smaller flowers manage to produce a larger ‘flower’ of a totally different shape. And finally, for me, they also have a Christmas connotation. Outdoor bulbs will be at different times of the year, but for me, flowering Hyacinths is something I’ve always liked to have in the house at Christmas and New Year. The photos is the last of the Hyacinths planted for the Christmas period. They managed to come out at different times so have lasted for a long time.

Day 17 – 17th January – A floral offering

day 17 20180117

I spent a lot of time late last year totally redesigning and replanting one of the flowerbeds in the garden. (See previous posts). Lots of bulbs went to to come up at different times and hopefully help provide colour along with the plants that also went in. The first flower of the year from the bulbs has now bloomed. I nearly missed it while clearing out the dead leaves and getting rid of a load of weeds (already).