Day 282 – 9th October – Easy Savings

Day 282 20181009

It’s that time of year when I need to look into car insuance costs. Like lots of people now I do the usual cost dance with the insurance companies. This dance consists of them charging more for the second year of insurance but quite a bit. My step is then to use a comparison website for a cheaper price, followed by a phone call and negotiation to a lower price (or as sometimes happens a goodbye and a policy with someone else). The insurance companies expect this and I believe that they provide a higher quote expecting it to come down. I had mine reduced to that of a competitor without any haggling at all, which does make me wonder exactly how low they would have been willing to go. Still, for a quick phone call I saved enough to be happy with the result.

Day 212 – July 31st – Getting to the points

Day 212 20180731

I’ve decided that it is about time that I do what a large number of people do, and that’s to take advantage of the rules that various credit card companies have in relation to starter offers to earn air miles. To that effect I’ve ordered a new credit card which will give me a good boost to my air miles and help pay for further flights. I got the idea from another website called Head For Points, and I’d recommend anyone to use it. It provides information for lots of reward schemes, not just the BA one. The other reason is that the cards I normally use have just stopped being part of a scheme, so I was, as they say, in the market for it as well.

(I would like to point out that I am not endorsing this card, nor am I recommending it as a form of finance. I am not a financial broker and am simply stating what I have done. With all financial dealings I would recommend speaking to a professional).

(As a post script, this way of accumulating airmiles has changed significantly since it’s original posting).

Day 87 – 28th March – Where’s Wallet

Day 87 20180328

OK, so it’s not a red a white stripped wallet but I spent an hour looking for this without success this morning and then another hour when I got home. Unlike most lost wallets I wasn’t worried as I knew the last time that I’d had it was at home because I’d used it to sponsor a friend and had the email to prove it. I’d checked everywhere (at least I thought I had). In the end I found it down the back of the sofa, but not in the traditional way. (I had of course checked the sofa first). The bit of the sofa that it was down the back of was the join between the two different recliner sections and I could only feel it was there with both parts reclined. I’ll need to remember that additional trick next time I’m checking. On the plus side I did (of course) find some money down the back of the sofa too. Sadly it was only a penny so I can’t really celebrate too much.

Day 71 – March 12th – Winning Numbers

Day 71 20180312

Sadly I haven’t won the jackpot on the lottery, but I have had a win. I was purchased some premium bonds a few months ago and March was the first draw. (For those who don’t know, in the UK premium bonds are a non-interest earning investment. Each bond purchase instead provides a number in a monthly draw with a range of financial prizes, the maximum being £1,000,000). It’s been a while since I had any and since I had only just got them I wasn’t expecting a win. I know that doesn’t make sense given all numbers have an equal chance, but it’s just a mindset. Before anyone gets too excited, I only won one of the lowest prizes available (£25) but a few more of them and suddenly, given the current interest rates, it’s not too bad an investment.

Day 51 – 20th February – Collectors Items

day 51 20180220

The royal mint has decided for the second year running to produce some 50 pence pieces with Beatrix Potter characters on the reverse side. This has caused great excitement to one of my many US based friends who I have now discovered is a big fan. I’m now collecting them when I come across any so that I can pass them on next time I visit the states!

Day 45 – 14th February – An unusual valentine

day 45 20180214

I have no idea if the timing is planned or not, but for the last few years, since they started producing an annual breakdown for people, I have received on Valentine’s Day, a letter from the tax office telling me how my taxes were spent. To date I have yet to send them anything for Valentine’s Day.

Day 40 – 9th February – Short Changed

day 40 20180209

I was clearly not paying attention at some point in the last few days as I found this in my change. Sadly it’s not been legal tender for nearly 4 months so spending it is out of the question (probably why someone slipped it into my change). Thankfully all was not lost as there is a bank very close to my work and with no queue it was only a couple of minutes before I’d exchanged it for a coin I could spend!