Day 332 – 28th November – Hats off

Day 332 20181128

One of the few issues with riding in the Arizona heat twice a year is that it affects materials in a way that cooler climes won’t. I’m talking about some sticky stuff here. Glue. I know from books I’ve taken out there (yes I’m old fashioned when it comes to reading materials) that if I’m not careful the pages detached from the effect of the heat on the glue. The same happened on my last trip with the hat band on one of my riding hats with the glue failing. Re-gluing wasn’t really an option with this type of material, but I am fortunate that I have a mother who is truely gifted with a needle and thread. While this was a relatively small job it has none the less solved the problem permenantly.

Day 290 – 17th October – A new vision

Day 290 20181017

I visited my mum today to help with a few things around the house and garden. It was nice weather which was handy for the outside work and the indoor work took less time than expected, meaning that I was able to get everything on the tick list completed with time to spare. In some of the sorting out that my mum had done, she gave me something of my Grandfathers. While it doesn’t look like it, this is a set of binoculars. The lenses fold out and with a little bit of co-ordination you can hold them up to look through. The smaller lenses can even zoom in and out a little for different focusing. While they may be old and not of any great financial worth, they are rather cool and something that not a lot of people will own.

Day 241 – 29th August – Gutted

Day 241 20180829

Well I’m more or less recovered now and have been back at work the last couple of days. One of the things that got cancelled while I was ill was a visit to my mum’s to help out with some bits around the house. One of those was to clear the gutters before winter came and it was just too unpleasant to do so. Thankfully she lives in a bungalow so all that was needed was a step ladder. Not all the gutters were as clear as this one was and it was a very mucky job. I suspect some clothing might take a couple of washes before it comes clean. However it was good to see family and we did some other bits during the afternoon and evening as well as have a proper catch up.


Day 237 – 25th August -Bean busy growing

Day 237 20180825

I’m slowly feeling better but I have cancelled a family visit that was due to take place as the last thing I want to do is infect others. Not wanting to totally waste was is a very nice day outside I put on a couple of washloads, yes exciting I know. Putting the washing out to dry was a reminder that I still wasn’t fully recovered as though it didn’t tire me out, it was still more of an effort that it would normally be. While outside I took the opportunity to look at the raised beds I had reseeded late with peas and broadbeans. I knew they had started to grow but hadn’t checked on them for a while. I was very pleased to see that there were flowers now present on the beans, which should lead, in a number of weeks, to a supply of beans.

Day 225 – August 13th – Another year…

Day 225 20180813

Well in reality it’s another day, but officially I’m into the next year of my life. It’s been a working day. I’m not one for big parties and don’t really see the point in taking a day of leave just because it is my birthday. I’ve had some nice presents, some expected, some surprises, but all of them welcome and useful. I’ve seen family and friends over the weekend and into today, and there is still more family to see later in the year. All in all, it’s been a good extended birthday.

Day 178 – 27th June – Roof Repairs

Day 178 20180627

Mum needed some work doing on the extended roof to her garden shed. It wasn’t a major job. Remove the old bit of roof and nail in the the piece. There were a few missed nails in terms of hitting the wood, but its well nailed down and will hopefully last a long time. It’s possible the other pieces will be needed in due course but thankfully they look strong enough for the time being.