Day 83 – 24th March – Pointing the way

Day 83 20180324

As part of the 1000miles in the year walking target I have set myself, and the desire to walk the South Downs Way as part of that, I have seen plenty of footpath and bridleway markers. Most of them all look the same with the acorn in the arrow pointing the direction to go. Normally below these will be the signage as to what type of transport is allowed on that path, from just walking, to cycles and horses through to a horse and cart (though I’m yet to see one of those). This new signpost was different through, with the symbols indicated this carved into the wood. I liked it and feel it has more character. I hope that it is something that will be repeated when current signposts need to be replaced.


Day 76 – March 17th – Footprints

Day 76 20180317

Having had a weekend off walking last week, I was back on the footpaths and bridleways today. It was odd weather as I started the walk with everything green and finished the walk with everything white. Part way through the walk, on a very much lesser trodden path, I looked back and saw the above. They are my own, obviously, but it reminded me of the ‘Footprints’ story of the person asking God why during their times of trouble there were only one set of prints.

Day 62 – 3rd March – Between two worlds

Day 62 20180303

Once again it’s the weekend and a lot of the snow is vanishing so I decided to head out on a long walk as it was forecast to be dry, if chilly. There were some good views to be had with snow still in a few places, at least at the start of the day. Along the South Downs Way I came across this marker on the the track, showing where the Meridian Line goes through the South Down Way. With one foot either side I could genuinely say that I was between two worlds, well hemispheres.

Day 60 – 1st March – A right pair

day 60 20180301

With all the walking I’m doing at lunchtime, in the cold weather my normal work socks haven’t really been warm enough. I’ve therefore had to revert to my ski socks to ensure that I don’t get cold feet as a result of my strolls. I’ve a variety but with all the snow that has fallen recently I thought that these ones would be the most suitable for the conditions!

Day 59 – 28th February – A different view

day 59 20180228

With the snow still on the ground I decided to go on a slightly different route for the lunchtime walk. As I’ve said before, I work on the edge of the South Downs and have some wonderful countryside that is easily reachable during even a 30 minute stroll. This was the view of a small village and manor house from one of the small hills I climbed that I thought, for a mobile phone, came out quite well.

Day 55 – 24th February – The Sun and the Moon

day 55 20180224

So another weekend and it’s time for another long walk as part of the Walk 1000 miles challenge. I actually managed my longest one yet of almost 19 miles. I suspect that I won’t actually get into the 20s with walks I currently have planned, but maybe in the summer I’ll plan a really long walk somewhere. For the second Saturday in a row it was dry and the sun was out. Additionally towards the end of the walk, the moon also put in an appearance and it’s just about visible above the bridge and the hill in the middle of the wispy clouds. The picture does make the weather look nicer that it was as up on the hills there was a particularly strong and cold wind blowing into my face.

Day 48 – 17th February – Mary had a little lamb

day 48 20180217

Finally there has been a Saturday where walking was a joy. The sun was out, the sky was blue, etc. I was on another long walk as part of the 1000 miles in the year challenge and it was noticeable how many others were out too. Also in the 2 weeks since I last did a long walk there had been some new arrivals with a number of lambs gallivanting around one of the fields on the South Downs Way. They stayed a good distance away with their mothers, as one would expect, so with the mobile phone I was limited to how good the picture was going to be.