Day 345 – 11th December – Complete!

Day 345 20181211

With the bad weather that the winter season brings I have more time inside and have completed my first big jigsaw of the season. Given this was a second hand one there was always the possible problem that it may not have all the pieces. The word complete on the box may provide some confidence but I have learnt from experience that could be an old reference and for those who have read earlier posts, I even know that the picture on the front of a second hand jigsaw might not mean anything. It was a relief that this had all the pieces and great satisfaction in being able to put the final piece into place and view the whole thing.


Day 307 – 3rd November – Firework Fun

Day 307 20181103

Each year my and a friend get to have fun letting off some fireworks on or around bonfire night which is on 5th November. This year was no different and this was one of the boxed of fireworks that I bought for the ‘display’. We’re both fairly well versed in how these need to run and preperation such as water tubs for any failing fireworks, and tubs for soil for those that need to be put into soild for stability is done in advance. Everyone seems to enjoy them and I enjoy the lighting of them as well as their display so I fully expect this will repeat next year as well.

Obviously I would like to stress that great care is taken with these home displays and would encourage people to carefully follow the instructions on the box, or if in any doubt, to attend a display put on by professions.

Day 293 – 20th October – Out of (remote) Control

Day 293 20181020

Weekly meetings with friends have recently been moved to a Saturday from a Friday (and yes that does leave my Friday nights feeling somewhat odd at the moment) and tonight was video and takeaway night. This mean taking along not just the film to watch, but also the TV, player and stand. It’s not a hassle as I am picked up on such a night. Unfortunately, and not for the first time (though first time this year), I brought everything except the player remote control, which given that the player had no manual buttons to override left the film on the select language page.

Day 287 – 14th October – Latecomers Welcome

Day 287 20181014

For a variety of reasons (illness, holidays and other commitments on both sides), just over 2 months from my birthday I saw some family today and recieved some welcome late birthday presents. A mix of the practical, useful and enjoyable, they show up some of what I enjoy in life. A book about Wimbledon and the queuing and Henry Blofelds recent book, both of which I’m sure will proove entertaining. A new lightweight mini tripod for my camera which will be useful when travelling and a travel mug that will keep my coffee warm for longer. Oddly this is more of an issue at work so it will probably find it’s way there.

Day 255 – 12th September – A right pair

Day 255 20180912

Today I tried out a different set of bluetooth headphones. The last ones I had previously posted about are fine for music, but there is a bit of a delay with video, which makes things a little odd when watching something. They come highly recommended and I’m hoping to have the opportunity to use them later in the week as they are now paired to my ipad.


Day 194 – 13th July – Garden Games

Day 194 20180713

The church I attend had a social event today with a games evening at the vicar’s house. As the weather continues to be dry and warm it was felt that garden games would be more suitable than indoor games. Garden games has become my forte. I have over the years obtained a number of slightly different garden games which manage to prove good fun for all. The two games I took along were Smite and Ladder Golf. Both are great fun and while easy to understand, have wonderfully frustrating elements. Smite is the longer standing game in my collection and always is popular. I even had one friend buy the game online only half way through playing his first game. Its not the first time its been played this year, and I strongly suspect it won’t be the last time either. If you’re looking for something different in your garden games this year, I don’t think you can go far wrong with either of these.

(In line with current blogging practice, I should point out that I am not being paid by either of these game manufacturers to mention their product or brand).

Day 171 – 20th June – Sleepy Head

Day 171 20180620

I finally managed to get to go and see the new Star Wars film. It is unusual for me not to have seen it on the opening night. Waiting this long has been a bit of a demonstration of how hectic things have been recently. Since adulthood I’ve managed to see every Star Wars film on opening night. Another first was achieved today in that I fell asleep during the film! Now I’ll admit I’ve had a few bad nights recently with pollen counts being bad, but even so, for me to fall asleep during a Star Wars movie is not a good thing.