Day 351 – 17th December – Email Issues

Day 351 20181217

I mentioned earlier in the year that I had been caught up in the BA hacking scandal. Today the results of that became clear. Thankfully these are not financial, but in the form of other details being passed on. While I know that I would be safe, I wanted to ensure that I protected friends and family so I have started the process of closing down the email account that has been comprimised and setting up a number of different ones. It has given me the chance to rethink my emails accounts and I have set up an account that is solely used for companies. This way if the same happens again, it won’t be the email address that I use for friends and family that is compromised and I won’t have to worry about them. It will take a bit of time as I have quite a few email from the volunteer work that I do, but it’s just a matter of time and I’m happy to spend a few hours doing that to protect others.

Day 309 – 5th November – A Reply But Not An Answer

Day 309 20181105

I remember a TV show I was watching when one charachter said to another in their response to a question, that while all answers are a reply, not all replies are an answer. Today I finally had a response to my follow up question to British Airways about the data hack they suffered. Unfortunately their response fell into the category of not all replies being an answer. In fact the response clearly failed to even touch on the two different areas that I had enquired about. What I did get was clearly a pre-prepared response that gave the impression it was sent out to anyone following up on the original email. I’ve therefore had to respond and I’ll wait to see if they actually decide to answer the questions posed.

Day 298 – 25th October – Late Loss

Day 298 20181025

Very late today (and too late to have been able to realistically do anything had I needed to) I received an email from British Airways about having been caught up in the hacking incident they had earlier in the year. Back then a friend of mine had booked at the time and cancelled their card as a precaution. By a fluke of timing I didn’t have to as the card used had been cancelled a month or so ago, so I have been lucky in that respect. I have though contacted BA about the issue as there is certain information they have left out of their email (which I won’t publish here for obviousl reasons) that may or may not have been affected by the hack. An absence of reference probably means everything is ok, but I don’t take chances like that. Hopefully it is just a case of forgetting to mention rather than forgetting to look at whether other data has been comprised. Their reply (and possibly the speed of it) could be telling.

Day 240 – 28th August – Changes

Day 240 20180828

I’ve got a flight booked for next year (yes that’s very early to have one booked but it was an airmiles offer and I had to book early to ensure I got the deal. Today it got changed three times in the space of half an hour. I was quite surprised to check my email and see all these changes lined up next to each other, and a little concerned. In the end I was happy with the changes that were made given the cancellation of the flight I was booked on (the routes are now being shared between two airlines of the same alliance rather than just one). The funniest bit for me though was seeing that I had been moved from a cancelled flight onto another one, then from that one back to a cancelled flight (and finally onto flight that was actually running!