Day 317 – 13th November – On a Week Night?

Day 317 20181113

OK, so I wasn’t really out on the town, but I did venture out to the local throat emporium on a week night which is uncommon now-a-days. I was though meeting up with friends who I hadn’t seen for a while and what was a drink ended up being a meal as well. It was a good time catching up after a number of years, though one friend wasn’t able to make it. We also agreed that we needed to meet up more often so hopefully the other friend will be able to make it next time.


Day 192 – 11th July – Alfresco at home

Day 192 20180711

I realised today that something had happened with all the good weather that I hadn’t really noticed and something that on reflection, I haven’t done in the decade plus that I’ve been living where I currently do. With the warm weather I have taken to eating my dinner outside. I’ve not been doing special meals that are suitable for outdoor dining, but with the lack of rain I have been leaving the garden furniture outside rather than putting it away from the elements. This has meant it’s been very easy to just take dinner a few steps in the opposite direction of outside rather than the dining room. It’s been very pleasant to do so and watch the sun go down while eating and long may it continue.


Day 126 – 6th May – Eating Out

Day 126 20180506

Having set out the bird feeders a few days back I noticed an unintended dinner guest at the table. I’m going to have to think about how to prevent the squirrels from getting to the feeder which will probably mean relocating it. In the mean time I was left wondering how easy such a meal was on the squirrel’s digestive system as I’m sure that if I was to try to eat something while hanging upside down I would both make more of a mess of it than the squirrel, and probably my digestive system would be complaining too. (The picture was taken through a closed door in early morning light so I apologise that the picture is of a poor quality).