Day 361 – 27th December – Equipment Preserver

Day 361 20181227

Being fortunate enough to have the days between Christmas and New Year off of work it’s time to finish off the painting job I had started in the kitchen earlier in the year. It’s completion had been delayed due to holidays, running out of paint and the store not having any more in immediately. Having got the room all taped up I was ready to go and put out the protective sheets (no comments about the style please) and got out the rollers and paint brushes. I had forgotton that I’d wrapped them in film to stop them drying out between uses. It’s a handy trick if you’re using one a lot over a series of days. I didn’t imagine that after a number of months the roller and brushes would not have dried out and would still be perfecty usable. It’s certainly life a lot easier for finishing the task.

Day 347 – 13th December – A Snowball’s Chance

Day 347 20181213

We’ve been doing some handmade decorations at the office to make things look festive. The 3D snowflakes have been done but I wanted a new challenge. Looking online I found a template for some ‘snowballs’. There were two, one using a template of squares, the other with triangles. The triangles was the easier of the two and once I had the knack and all the pieces cut I could put them together in about 5 minutes and they made a nice addition to the workplace.

Day 343 – 9th December – An Open and Not Shut Case

Day 343 20181209

I noticed yesterday that my kitchen door wasn’t quite shutting as it should when I pulled it closed to stop the heat of the house getting out. However given that it locked fine when I had finished, I didn’t think any more of it. Today I wish I had, as after spending time in the garden I stuggled to get the door to shut and couldn’t get it to lock at all. Obviously this presented a security issue. For quite some time I was baffled and looking at all sorts of things that could be affecting the door until I discovered what the issue was. The catch for the door had, over the course of a number of years, slowly shifted back and had got to the point where it was stopping the door catch from working properly and there was something in the mechanism as a whole that then stopped the door locking. Thankfully it was a quick fix, losening a couple of screws, adjusting the catch and tightening them back up again.


Day 333 – November 29th – A bolt from the internet

Day 333 20181129

One of my jobs earlier in the year was to do a minor work on the patio doors to ensure that they shut propperly for the winter with all the locking points connecting to create a proper seal from the elements outside. With that successul the next thing I want to do is to replace what is called the slave lock on one of the doors. The original one had suffered as a result of the weather being able to sneak in. While it does still work, it’s very stiff to use, often needing a screwdriver to act as a lever to help raise the bolt. Therefore, so that I can freely open both patio doors I’ve purchased a replacement lock. A few measurements and a bit of internet searching and I had found what I needed. I won’t fit it to next year as there’s no need to now, but it will be nice not to wonder if I really want to have both doors open in what I hope will be another nice summer.

Day 283 – 10th October – Outdoor Repairs

Day 283 20181010

Despite it being October it’s been a wonderfully warm day and has provided the opportunity for some small outdoor repair work to take place. This is more the finalisation of earlier projects that just needed a little tidying up before winter. Some sealant on windowframes, some wood treatment, etc. Nothing major as it’s nor really the time of year to embark on that. However it’s been good to get that stuff done and leaves very little to do now for the rest of the year in terms of outdoor DIY.

Day 248 – 5th September – Oh Sandy!

Day 248 20180905

All the replastering that I’ve been having to do in the kitchen before painting has been becoming somewhat time consuming. While it has been great for the arm muscles, it is slowing down progress far too much. I have therefore purchased a mini sander which will do the job far quicker and hopefully enable me to get back on track with my own personal timetable for getting the kitchen painting finished. I do like it and I will be able to use it on some other projects that I would like to do next year, so it won’t be a one time usage.

Day 246 – 3rd September -Paper Thin

Day 246 20180903

So, having got the first part of the kitchen taped up and the wall repaired with a bit of plaster and then sanded I was ready to start painting. Not a difficult or taxing task, needing a brust and a roller to effectively cover the larger areas and the edges. What I wasn’t expecting was for part of the wall to suddenly end up on the roller. Little did I know that the previous owner had taken some shortcuts and put some very thin liner paper up to paint over and that my painting would cause chunks of that to come off, revealing the wall and the cracks behind. Looks like I have more plastering in the very near future.

Day 245 – September 2nd – Kitchen Tape

Day 245 20180902

With the weather outside now turning and the desire to lay in the hammock less appealing it’s time to start on some of the other projects I have lined up. First of those is to repaint the kitchen walls. For this I’ll be using a lot of the above tape to protect the areas I don’t want painted (like the doors, ceiling, cabinets, oven, work surfaces etc). It is probably the longest part of the job in terms of getting it lined up properly and dealing with the corners. However it works well and the extra time spent means a lot less pain when the painting begins. From previous experience I know that this roll won’t outlast the project and I may need another one after that!

Day 241 – 29th August – Gutted

Day 241 20180829

Well I’m more or less recovered now and have been back at work the last couple of days. One of the things that got cancelled while I was ill was a visit to my mum’s to help out with some bits around the house. One of those was to clear the gutters before winter came and it was just too unpleasant to do so. Thankfully she lives in a bungalow so all that was needed was a step ladder. Not all the gutters were as clear as this one was and it was a very mucky job. I suspect some clothing might take a couple of washes before it comes clean. However it was good to see family and we did some other bits during the afternoon and evening as well as have a proper catch up.


Day 236 – 24th August – Ding Dong!

Day 236 20180824

So I’m still off work as I’m still stuggling with the infection and I’ve learnt the hard way that going back too early will only make things worse. My problem is that I hate being unwell. I know we all do, but I know that I don’t do being unwell well! I’m not a bad patient, just really object to not being able to do things that I would normally do. So to be able to say that I had at least done something I ‘installed’ the new doorbell I purchased a few days ago. A friend had visited recently and only then had I discovered the doorbell wasn’t working and on futher inspection it wasn’t the batteries but the chime mechanism itself. I will point out that ‘installing’ is a bit of overkill as all I did was take the old doorbell off, scrape the spare sticky off the door frame, attach the new doorbell, put batteries in the chime and set it. However as a reminder that I was ill, even that was quite tiring and led to another doze afterwards!