Day 347 – 13th December – A Snowball’s Chance

Day 347 20181213

We’ve been doing some handmade decorations at the office to make things look festive. The 3D snowflakes have been done but I wanted a new challenge. Looking online I found a template for some ‘snowballs’. There were two, one using a template of squares, the other with triangles. The triangles was the easier of the two and once I had the knack and all the pieces cut I could put them together in about 5 minutes and they made a nice addition to the workplace.

Day 338 – 4th December – Half a Christmas Tree (if that)

Day 338 20181204

One of the non-Christmas tree decorations that I have is a series of tea-light holders that have a Christmas theme. To go with them, and to create a pleasant scent that accompanies that of a real tree, I have a number of different packs of scented tea lights. I took out one of the ‘Christmas Tree’ scent ones today and by chance it fell out of its metal jacket. I was somewhat surprised to find that the Christmas Tree colour of the candle was only at the very top. Now I appreciate that the colour and the scent are two different things, but it was still a surprise to be present with this. I could be a one off, though I doubt it, but I now wonder whether the scent is in the top half, bottom half, or all of it.

Day 336 – 2nd December – Deck the tree

Day 336 20181202

This afternoon was spent getting the tree set up now that it has had 24 hours in the house and the branches have settled. I still found a few leaves in the branches, but its such a dense tree towards the bottom it was difficult to find them all. I have a regular set of decorations that I’ve built up over the years and with the exception of a few more commercial options, they are fairly understated decorations using woods, metals and other such natural materials. Even the more commercial ones are there for a reason to reflect or refract the tree lights. Everything seemed to work quite smoothly putting them up with only a few needing to be rearraged to get a sense of balance and the right visual effect. This is probably about as commercial as I get with Christmas as for me it’s about the celebration in 23 days time and what that represents for the world.

Day 326 – 22nd November – Coming Down From On High

Day 326 20181122

While it’s still November and these won’t be used for a while, the Christmas decorations have been taken down from the loft. Part of the reason for this is so that I don’t have to go up into the loft again until they go back up (hopefully). Not all of these will be used, and some of the crates are half empty just because of the shape of some decorations so it’s not quite as many as it looks, but it does mean that I can change the display each year. A lot of it is very understated and traditional as well as for me Christmas is about something far more important than decorations.

Day 67 – March 8th – Let there be light

Day 67 20180308

At some point last year, while doing some pruning I managed to cut through the cable of a set of solar lights that went through the grapevine arches that I have in the garden. It was the wrong time of year to find a suitable replacement so for a long time I have had half of the arches lit up at night with the other half in darkness as it takes two sets to properly light them. With spring in the air the shops are now selling the lights I had previously had and I have managed to untangle the the old lights and wind the new set through the arches and vines. Happily now with both sides are lit the arches look a lot better.

Day 4 – 4th January – Final Flourish

day 4 20180104

OK, so it’s not twelfth night which means that I still, in theory, have a couple of days to take the decorations down, however I do this bit by bit, and over the next two days the tree will ‘come down’. (Its a real tree so it will actually be taken outside and then recycled as firewood/kindling later in the year). So tonight will be the last night that it will stand in place in it’s full glory.

Day 2 – 2nd January – Back to Work

day 02 20180102

Like most people, today was my first day of work for 2018. Today’s photo is therefore my work space. I suspect, and hope, that this will be the only work photo that appears in the blog, but given it is the first working day it did feel that it was the right photo.

Some of the Christmas decorations are still up, and I have a constant reminder of the ranch holidays with one of my photos as the desk top. Other than that, its a fairly normal space to work in.