Day 352 – 18th December – Old style error messages

Day 352 20181218

Our computer systems crashed at work today. The outage was only for a few hours, but it did enable this rather amusing error message to be flagged up. I love the idea that a floppy would still be used in this era. I suppose there may be some older systems out there that using them, but they must be few and far between. It has left me I wondering what other automatic messages may still be in networks waiting to pop up.

Day 93 – 3rd April – Memorial

Day 93 20180403

With some extra days off of work around the Easter break I took advantage and did some extra walking to help keep on track with the 1000 miles in a year challenge. I was also interested to see how busy the South Downs Way would be on what would be a work day for most rather than a weekend. On the route I had planned I came across this unexpected memorial in tribute to those who died during World War II in an airplane accident. While this was on a listed bridleway, its not on a national trail so won’t receive as many visitors as others. It’s beautifully kept and if anyone wants to know how to reach it, I’m happy to give directions on how to find it.