Day 99 – 9th April – It’s just a film

Day 99 20180409

As we probably all do now a days I recently ordered a DVD. It was a pre-order and today it was delivered. What shocked me was declaration sticker on it featured above. It starts quite normally but then moves onto confirming that the item isn’t dangerous etc. I appreciate that it is probably a legal form of wording for the company to cover themselves and to ensure that things go though customs quickly, however I did end up thinking ‘but this was just a DVD I ordered’.


Day 27 – 27th January – Retro Walk

day 027 20180127

Saturday and I have been feeling a lot better so a long walk was called for, especially give I’d missed 9 days of walking in the year already which wasn’t good for the 1000 miles challenge. Lots of interesting sights on the way, but I’ve chosen an old English favourite that is slowly dying out. The traditional red telephone box. There were actually two in the village and while I didn’t try them, both looked to be in working order, which was good to see. Long may they stay there.

Day 11 – 11th January – Having an active letterbox

day 11 20180111

I suspect, like a lot of people, I am a host of contradictions. One of them is that though I have loads of modern technology I still like to send postcards, which does mean I got this one in return. I only send them at holiday time, I’m not one for ‘update notes’ in the post and I limit them to people that I don’t see very often, but I like sending them. They may often be from the same place I’ve been before, so I try to make sure they are different each time (though that can be a challenge). Why do I still do what for many is an outdated thing given the instant communication of the internet? Don’t know about you but I like the idea of friends getting something through their letterbox that isn’t junk and isn’t a bill! So I’d like to encourage others to start doing the same. Lets bring back holiday postcards and create notes of enjoyment for people on their doormats when they get home.