Day 243 – August 31st – A Patchwork…Carpet

Day 243 20180831

After a number of years it is clear that my carpet has seen better days. It’s not threadbare, but the time to replace it is drawing near, possibly by the end of the year if I can get myself organised. There is a problem for me when it comes to getting a new carpet and that is that I’m colourblind. Now I’m not asking for you all to make your suggestions given that I’m not posting my living room on this blog. However to try to help I’ve been given a number of samples to look at and see how I feel about them. I suspect I might be calling on some friends for help with this too just to ensure that I don’t make a totally mess of the colour chosen, but I suspect I’ll be going for something quite different to what I currently have.

Day 228 – 16th August – Painting the town…neutral

Day 228 20180816

With all the good weather that we’ve had it’s been easy to forget that there are inside jobs that need to be done. Now I’m still going to enjoy being outside as lets be honest, in the UK we don’t get long hot summers very often. However I want to gradually get things ready for when the weather truly does turn and I’m stuck inside. Part of that will be redecorating and giving the house a lick of paint. This has been ongoing over the last few years and next on my list is the kitchen (sage), the hall (ivory cream) and the main bedroom (barley haze). I have an issue with paint though in that I’m colourblind. If I’m buying then I’m normally with a friend or I’m replacing like with like. I’ve done that with the above in part. The hall is already ivory cream so that’s going to be like for like. The main bedroom is going to be an experiment with the barley haze. It’s probably a little lighter than the current colour scheme, but it should make the room seem a bit lighter. There will be lots of preparation needed for this and I suspect I’ll only get the kitchen and hall done this year, but that’s two more rooms done and only two left for next year.

ay 224 – 12th August – Floored

Day 224 20180812

I’m colourblind so when it comes to shopping for things involving colour I need help. My mother was visiting so the two of us headed to a carpet showroom to look a possible replacements to my current carpet, which after over a decade is reaching the end of it’s useful life. It was an experience. I’ve never done it before and to be honest there seemed to be too much choice while also being too little choice. Those styles I liked in terms of feel weren’t in the colours that I really wanted and the range of different types of carpet was staggering. While leaving with some ideas of possible carpets, on getting home it was agreed that actually those colours wouldn’t work as it would leave the lounge very singular in colour and with a brown sofa, a brown carpet really isn’t going to work. Even colour wheels haven’t been much help as they say that brown is a mix of all three primary colours and therefore not on the wheel. I suspect I’ll be collecting a lot of samples over the next few weeks to see if I can find one that will work and just hope the right sort of carpet comes in that colour.

Day 197 – 16th July – Set for the evening

Day 197 20180716

I am very lucky where I live. More specifically I am lucky that should the weather allow, I can watch the sun go down over the hills of the South Downs every evening. While this is by no means the most impressive sunset I have seen from the garden, it’s one of the more impressive ones this year. The late evening clouds just add to the contrast and even my colourblindness doesn’t take away from the beauty that I can see. I also love looking at the clouds to see what shapes they create. Looking at this picture as I post it I see a pterodactyl with its wings folded forward in the centre left of the clouds. You may see it or you may see something else. Feel free to point out images I may have missed, but if nothing else, do look up at the clouds in the sky occasionally. You’ll be amazed at what you might see.


Day 190 – 9th July – A game of tag

Day 190 20180709

On my lunchtime walk today I noticed there was something different on the roadside trees, or at least a number of them. Being observant is something most people would say is a trait of time and I suspect that most people would walk past blissfully unaware of the change. The marking was two fold. First of all there were two purple/pink (I’m colour blind so not entirely sure) dots on either side of the tree and then a yellow tag on the tree too. I’ll have to wait to see if it means that there is a reason for the tagging other than a tree survey, which I know is done in the area on occasion.