Day 78 – March 19th – Capsule Carrier

Day 78 20180319

Having been given the coffee maker, I needed somewhere I could store the capsules the thing uses. Space is at a premium in my kitchen and even more so with coffee maker added. Therefore the extra ‘deck’ space that the coffee maker needed to be used and this storage option gave the best way to be using this. It fits perfectly onto the ‘deck’ and can still rotate.

Day 70 – March 11th – Coffee Time

Day 70 20180311

I have been given an unused coffee machine that uses these capsules. I have been contemplating getting one for a while. It didn’t come in its original box but had everything, including instructions with it. Somehow within 5 minutes of getting it back home the instructions disappeared. I have managed to put it together ok but at the moment it seems to be providing less than an espresso sized cup for the large option. Hopefully once I’ve found the instructions on the internet I’ll be able to have a proper sized cup in the morning.