Day 208 – 27th July – Let it rain

Day 208 20180727

The heatwave is over, at least for a few days given the weather forecasts. We have had some rain and the temperature has dropped a bit. To be honest it hasn’t been a lot of rain and its not going to do much in terms of providing relief to the plant life that had probably started to wonder if it had been moved to a different planet. This relief has had a downside as well though, and with the clouds that have come with it, seeing the Blood Moon that was due tonight is now not going to happen.

Day 197 – 16th July – Set for the evening

Day 197 20180716

I am very lucky where I live. More specifically I am lucky that should the weather allow, I can watch the sun go down over the hills of the South Downs every evening. While this is by no means the most impressive sunset I have seen from the garden, it’s one of the more impressive ones this year. The late evening clouds just add to the contrast and even my colourblindness doesn’t take away from the beauty that I can see. I also love looking at the clouds to see what shapes they create. Looking at this picture as I post it I see a pterodactyl with its wings folded forward in the centre left of the clouds. You may see it or you may see something else. Feel free to point out images I may have missed, but if nothing else, do look up at the clouds in the sky occasionally. You’ll be amazed at what you might see.