Day 88 – 29th March – These boots are made for walking

Day 88 20180329

With all the walking I’ve been doing I’ve been looking at getting new walking shoes. My walking boots I’m happy with. However my walking shoes have seen considerably more use and while still in one piece are really in need of updating. I’ll probably still use them of other stuff, but long walks would have been a challenge. So I’ve made a purchase and in the expectation (hope) of nice conditions under foot later in the year, bought the above pair of walking shoes. Hopefully they will last longer than the bag they came in which fell apart within 30 minutes, but then that was considerably cheaper!


Day 75 – March 16th – Chairs for Cheers

Day 75 20180316

It’s the end of what has been quite a draining week. There has been lots of stuff going on and by the time I got home on Friday I was ready to relax. For the first time this year there was still enough warmth in the day (admittedly with a jumper and jacket on) to get a garden chair out, sit and watch the sun go down while enjoying a glass of wine. I’m hopeful that this will not be the last time I’m sitting out enjoying the weather!

Day 65 – March 6th – Pull the other one

Day 65 20180306

So my run of bad luck has continued. Having been ill over night I was off work. Typically on a day like this I rarely get out of my PJs. On one of the occasions I needed to, I pulled on the trousers cord only for it to snap at the point of the tie making it a bit of a chore to then undo. Now again this is a bit of a first world problem rather than anything serious, but when you’re ill it’s not what you need. That’s now two strokes of bad luck and I’m wondering what the third will be as they say it comes in threes.

Day 60 – 1st March – A right pair

day 60 20180301

With all the walking I’m doing at lunchtime, in the cold weather my normal work socks haven’t really been warm enough. I’ve therefore had to revert to my ski socks to ensure that I don’t get cold feet as a result of my strolls. I’ve a variety but with all the snow that has fallen recently I thought that these ones would be the most suitable for the conditions!

Day 41 – 10th February – All change

day 41 20180210

Not connected with yesterdays post despite the title, but I decided when I was in town the other day to get some new walking gear. Partly because I’m doing a lot more walking this year but also because it’s particularly muddy this time of year which means 2 pairs of trousers each weekend. Managed to get some good deals and there were also some new waterproofs as well as the inner coating had started to peel away. Hopefully they will last a good number of years, even with the higher use rate they will have this year.

Day 33 – 2nd February – Dry February?

day 33 20180202

So last Saturday I got wet enough for my waterproof walking boots to need water pouring out of them at the end of a 17 mile walk. I had placed them in the kitchen to dry. What I hadn’t expect was that nearly a week later the inside of them would still be, or at least feel, as wet as at the start of the week. There is no way I was going to walk with boots that were still wet inside. Thankfully I got them dry through some unconventional methods which I hope haven’t damaged the boots in doing so.

Day 24 – 24th January – Suit Up

day 24 20180124

Fallen behind a bit for reasons that hopefully will be obvious from this and a couple of other catch up posts. Time to get back on track. OK, so I’m using a Barney phrase, but it matches the picture. Interview tomorrow and this is the suit for it. Nothing new, I’ve had it a number of years but with the way of office work now-a-days I don’t wear it on a daily basis which is why it’s lasted. People who see it still seem to feel it looks smart which is all I want from it.