Day 356 – 22nd December – Dressed for Success

Day 356 20181222

I did something that I haven’t done for a very long time, in fact so long that I can’t remember the last time I did this. Not having to go out today I chose to use my dressing gown for the whole day. I didn’t have to go out so I figured that I may as well. It’s warm and comfortable and I realised that I don’t use it often enough. Obviously I’m not talking about wearing it all day more regularly, but I certainly should use it more. What I didn’t do though is totally waste the day, getting a load of stuff sorted, tidied and thrown out in the study to make it a more useable space.


Day 332 – 28th November – Hats off

Day 332 20181128

One of the few issues with riding in the Arizona heat twice a year is that it affects materials in a way that cooler climes won’t. I’m talking about some sticky stuff here. Glue. I know from books I’ve taken out there (yes I’m old fashioned when it comes to reading materials) that if I’m not careful the pages detached from the effect of the heat on the glue. The same happened on my last trip with the hat band on one of my riding hats with the glue failing. Re-gluing wasn’t really an option with this type of material, but I am fortunate that I have a mother who is truely gifted with a needle and thread. While this was a relatively small job it has none the less solved the problem permenantly.

Day 331 – 27th November – Winter Warmth

Day 331 20181127

A number of years ago I had a North Face Nuptse jacket that was the warmest jacket I had ever owned. It served me well for a good number of years before it wore out. So effective was it that it even kept me warm in a stationery car with the engine off for over 3 hours while I was stuck in snow and bad weather due to an accident further up the road that needed to be cleared. At no point with it on did I feel cold. Bored and needing the toilet yes, but cold, no. After the extreme cold earlier this year and the possible threat of a repeat, I decided it was time to reinvest.

(In line with current blogging practice, I should point out that I am not being paid or receiving goods in kind by North Face to mention their product or brand).

Day 308 – 4th November – 100 Years On

Day 308 20181104

It’s exactly a week away from Armistice Day and this year is a special year given it marks the 100th annivery of the signing of the peace treaty to end the First World War. In the UK poppies are sold for people to wear in rememberance of those who died in both the World Wars and other conflicts. There is now-a-days debate about this being a political thing, or that it glorfies war. Now I’m happy to concede that some people will choose to do that, but I feel that is to misrepresent what the poppy stands for. Its origins certainly weren’t political. I have family and friends who have seen active duty and am fortunate enough for them all to have come back, but I’m aware that no everyone is as fortunate as I am. I therefore wear a poppy and will normally biy a pin one. This year I bought two, the usual pin one and this centenary one.

Day 306 – 2nd November – No More Slipping Up

Day 306 20181102

I’ve decided to ‘invest’ in a couple of pairs of ‘slipper socks’ to see how they are compared to slippers. I’ve been finding the slippers that I have keep trying to come off when I go up the staircase with the results that I’ve nearly tripped over a number of times as I’ve almost tripped over the slipper I was wearing. I don’t like wearing shoes around the house so I’m hoping these will be a good alternative and make me less likely to have an accident on the stairs.

Day 273 – 30th September – Washed Out

Day 273 20180930

Continuing the riviting theme of usual photos, my washing machine is a good summary of the day as having arrived home it has been busy with two weeks of clothing that need the Arizona dust washed out of them. It’s also a good metaphone for how I’m feeling as I didn’t sleep much on the transatlantic flight home due to other people on the plane. I’m feeling totally washed out which will be a combination of the end of the holiday and the jetlag. I’ve already fallen asleep twice on the sofa while doing the washloads.


Day 143 – May 23rd – Shopping Spree

Day 143 20180523

There was an unexpected opportunity to go to the local outlet mall and having never been since it was built a few years ago and with no ride that I was scheduled to go on, I decided to sign up. After all, if it was good I could go again. It was surprisingly quiet there and in some shops I was the only customer, very different to the UK. There’s wasn’t a lot of stuff there that I was interested in, but I did in the end, do the very British thing of buying some Levi 501s as they were a fraction of the price they would be in the UK.