Day 328 – 24th November – All the fun of the fair

Day 328 20181124

It was the local church’s Christmas fair today. Happy to support it I popped along with a couple of clear intentions. One was to get some jigsaws and the other was to enter the tombola and the raffle. With other commitments I had to leave before the raffle was drawn, so have no idea how I may have done in that, but I was quite successful in the tombola with an icing kit, lavender sachets, and some Cornish Fudge Liqueur. I suspect the last of these may get it’s grand opening tonight when I see some friends, but it’s a good selection and I’m happy to have been able to support the local church even if it’s not the one I’m a member of.

Day 247 – 4th September – Safely does it

Day 247 20180904

I’ve been on a course for the last 4 working days. That in itself is a rarity, but as the new Health and Safety representative for the division I work for, it was essential. It was a good course and despite doign some Health and Safety for my church there were things to learn. At times it was quite intensive, especially with some of the case studies covered and it had an exam to it, and a practical assessment to be submitted in two weeks time.

Day 194 – 13th July – Garden Games

Day 194 20180713

The church I attend had a social event today with a games evening at the vicar’s house. As the weather continues to be dry and warm it was felt that garden games would be more suitable than indoor games. Garden games has become my forte. I have over the years obtained a number of slightly different garden games which manage to prove good fun for all. The two games I took along were Smite and Ladder Golf. Both are great fun and while easy to understand, have wonderfully frustrating elements. Smite is the longer standing game in my collection and always is popular. I even had one friend buy the game online only half way through playing his first game. Its not the first time its been played this year, and I strongly suspect it won’t be the last time either. If you’re looking for something different in your garden games this year, I don’t think you can go far wrong with either of these.

(In line with current blogging practice, I should point out that I am not being paid by either of these game manufacturers to mention their product or brand).

Day 168 – 17th June – All are valued

Day 168 20180617

It’s Fathers Day today in the UK. Now I’m not a father, and not close to being so, however the church I go to doesn’t like to distinguish. They work on the basis that man in the church should be seen as being values on the day (as they do on Mothering Sunday), noting that limiting the day to just those who are fathers can also have a negative affect on those who either aren’t, or can’t be. So every male in the congregation today got a card and a present, and everyone was told personally how much they were loved and appreciated by the church family.

Day 153 – 2nd June – And the winner is…

Day 153 20180602

It was my local church’s summer fete today. I don’t worship there, but given I live next door to the vicar and we chat from time to time. Therefore I will pop in and support it’s events. It’s quite an important place given it’s age and there is even mention of it in the Doomsday books. In the tombola I got lucky and won the above by having a ticket ending in a zero. Quite what I will do with make-up remover I’m not sure. I suspect it will become a gift in turn.

Day 132 – 12th May – Growing Together

Day 132 20180512

It was the Church Away Day for the church I attend. This was the first one I have attended since I moved to the church plant from the main church. It was very different and there was a very strong sense of everyone attending (which was most of the church) having an active role in the discussions of how the church should grow. This is a benefit of being part of a smaller church that isn’t always possible for larger ones. There was also time for some great teaching and good fellowship. The only downside was the weather didn’t play ball and it rained most of the day. The teaching itself was on the third part of the summary of the church’s mission statement. The previous two away days focusing on the first two (which I will now have to listen to).

Day 112 – April 22nd – Fronting Up

Day 112 20180422

I had a first today. I led the service at the church I attend. (Just to be clear, that’s doing the welcome, notices and a final prayer, it’s not the sermon!) I’ve stood in front of people lots of times but I was still nervous. I think the first time you do anything where you’re in-front of people that is going to happen. I had prepared things in advance and was able to run through things with a friend who had more experience. I hope it went well. Not for me, but for others as leading a service is nothing about me, but all about the others in the room and hopefully saying something that people can relate to. If I get to do it again, I hope that I won’t be quite as nervy as I was today.