Day 95 – 5th April – Chipping Away

Day 95 20180405

With the raised beds now finished I still haven’t finished with the wood work. I have noticed that the top frame of the grape vine arches has rotted to the point it needs replacing. So I’ve marked up some new wooden batons and chiselled out the various connecting areas to create the overlapping connections where it will be screwed into the existing frame which remains good.


Day 86 – 27th March – Chipping Away

Day 86 20180327

As well as replacing a number of the raised beds I have for the vegetable patch, I have discovered that a number of parts of the wooden arches I have need replacing. They have two different grapevines climbing up them so they need to be relatively strong and some of the cross beams have rotted though, as well as their connecting beams. (As these are areas that water can more easily connect this isn’t a major surprise). So I’ve purchase more wood, as well as used some that I had from previous work. The intersections of these need to lock together and for this some chiselling of the beams to create that locking connection is needed. My previous chisel wasn’t really up to the job so I’ve purchased a couple of new ones to help with building the replacement top frame for the arches. (In line with current blogging practice, I should point out that I am not being paid by Trojan to mention their product or brand).