Day 362 – 28th December – Talking about the car wash

Day 362 20181228

Sorry it’s not a great picture but it was dark and I was nervous about having the car door open. Confused? Let me explain further. After the long journeies taken visiting family over Christmas the car was filthly. No surprise there. So when filling up with petrol I decided it would be a good opportunity to put the car through the wash. Nothing flash, just one of those automatic ones where you put in the code, driving in and it does it’s thing. Well today the first two of those took place. The third didn’t. It started, soaped up the car and then decided that enough was enough and stopped. In the end I managed to get the person behind to let htem know in the store that there was a problem and someone came along to restart it. However I just had a feeling that with the car door open it was bound to spring back into life so it was a very quick photo to record my predicament.

Day 297 – 24th October – Blinded by the light

Day 297 20181024

On my drive to work today (and the last few days) there have been clear blue skies. This is nice apart from one hilly section where the sun is low and in such a position that it is right in your eyes. Now I will make it clear here and now that I am all for careful driving and driving with the sun in your eyes should cause you to slow down. What has amazed me while driving in is the lack of use on the sun visor that people have in their car. It makes such a difference to vision and is there for a reason other than checking you look ok or doing onces make up!

Day 282 – 9th October – Easy Savings

Day 282 20181009

It’s that time of year when I need to look into car insuance costs. Like lots of people now I do the usual cost dance with the insurance companies. This dance consists of them charging more for the second year of insurance but quite a bit. My step is then to use a comparison website for a cheaper price, followed by a phone call and negotiation to a lower price (or as sometimes happens a goodbye and a policy with someone else). The insurance companies expect this and I believe that they provide a higher quote expecting it to come down. I had mine reduced to that of a competitor without any haggling at all, which does make me wonder exactly how low they would have been willing to go. Still, for a quick phone call I saved enough to be happy with the result.

Day 191 – 10th July – Storage solution

Day 191 20180710

For a long time I’ve been wanting to create more and better storage space in my garage. Its an old garage (over 40 years old) and with the exception of a few modern day cars, it’s never going to be used to keep a car as it’s too small. Even at least 15 years ago there was evidence that it was a tight space as there was carpet attached to bits of the interior wall to protect the doors. Anyway, with the good weather we’ve been having, it has given me the opportunity to empty the garage and create enough space to undertake the work needed to put up some shelving. It’s nothing special, it is, after all, a garage. However when I repeat this on a number of walls around both sides of the garage I will have created a much more usable area.


Day 101 – 11th April – Something’s Missing

Day 101 20180411

I have a key unexpectedly missing from my key chain. Totally out of the blue I’ve had to put my car in for repairs after make an odd noise at certain (but not all) speeds. Thankfully they don’t think that it is anything serious as the initial report is that it is just new brake pads, though there always is that nervousness. I could have brought the car back tonight and dropped it off again tomorrow morning but didn’t think it worth it. It’s been an odd feeling though today, walking around with a set of keys with the largest one missing. The key chain feels wrong because of it. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be restored to normal order.

Day 64 – 5th March – Mind the gap

Day 64 20180305

I never thought I would ever do a blog post about the cap of the screen wash in a car engine, but here we are! With all the salting on the roads recently I’ve got through a lot of screen-wash and needed to refill. Popping the cap off it managed to jump from my hand and fall down into the engine. Thankfully it didn’t get stuck anywhere and went down to the under-tray, but it was still a trip to a garage to get it retrieved! A minor problem I know but it wasn’t what I needed at the end of the day.