Day 312 – 8th November – Like a Colander

Day 312 20181108

Again, one of thos rare picture posts that I didn’t think I would do when I started this project, but a colander sums up work today. We have had a lot of rain in the last 24 hours and as a result we seem to have a couple of leaks coming through the ceiling. It’s led to quite a bit of hassle in terms of desk moves and notifying people. Upon asking others in the building one of the comments I was given was that the placed leaked like a colander. How long it takes to resolve this issue would be anyones guess, but I’m suspecting that it will be a number of weeks at least until the matter is resolved.

Day 311 – 7th November – The Rectangle Window

Day 311 20181107

Like most houses now, I have double glazing. At least I have double glazing in all by one window. The stained glass window that provides light to the ‘hallway’ that I have at home. Although I don’t have any pictures of the house when it was first built in the 1970’s I suspect that it was an orginial feature. When I bought the house all the windows and doors had been recently replaced, so that will have been about 15 years ago. In the space of nearly 50 years though the wooden frame for this window has got to the point where is is rotten beyond my repair skills. There have been developments in the last 15 years as well and I’ve been told that I will be able to keep the window and have it incorporated into a double glazed by the small company that I’ve had recommended.

Day 263 – 20th September – The Border

Day 263 20180920

This ranch trip is a 3 ranch trip in one and the first ranch is a very old one with some buildings dating back to about 1720. It’s called Rancho De La Osa and it has had celebrity guests in the past including John Wayne, Zane Gray and the Rooservelts. My rooms was apparently used by Cesar Romero who I remember from the Batman TV series. The ranch is very near the border with Mexico and the border can be seen from the ranch grounds. One of the rides took us up to the border. There are various crossing points (as can been seen in the distance if you look carefully), though it is a relatively small town on the border with a populus reported to be less than 20. This part of the border is regularly patrolled. We saw several border patrol vechiles while out on horseback but none were an issue and we were free to continue riding. I suspect with this ranch reopening horseback riding in the area will increase.


Day 13 – 13th January – Who’s a fool now

day 13 20180113

As mentioned previously, I’ll be doing a lot of walking this year if I’m going to manage the 1000 miles in a year challenge. This ‘folly’ was on the walk from today. The UK countryside has quite a few of them scattered around. I’ve no idea of the history of this one and there is nothing else around it, so it just sits there as a tribute to someone who had too much money and time in years gone by.