Day 313 – 9th November – Packing for Winter (Part 1)

Day 313 20181109

Now that the weather is slowly starting to turn its time to protect the plants that are more vulnerable to the cold. What has been slightly difficult has been that many plants are still flowering even though they need to be overwintered. However one set of plants that can go in at this point are the soft fruits in pots. So here, ready for the winter are the blueberries, white, red and black currants and the goji berry. Given most of these survived the extreme winter from the start of the year, they should be fine here and I’ll just keep them topped up water wise once a week if needed.

Day 256 – 13th September – Berry Nice

Day 256 20180913

The Goji Berry plant that I bought earlier in the year has started to flower. I am therefore hopeful that I’ll get some fruit from it in due course. My major concern is that they will be taken before they are ready by the local squirrels. They do seem quite picky about what they will take as they tend to ignore the blueberries and the blackcurrant, but it will be a case of waiting and seeing if anything survives.

Day 199 – 18th July – Going soft on a problem

Day 199 20180718

I have a problem. It’s a minor one to be fair but I have a good selection of soft fruit bushes. Blueberry, White Currant, Red Currant, Black Currant and Goji Berry. Currently they sit in pots on the patio, but I’m not convinced this is the best place for them. I’d like to move them into the actual garden and create a feature of them there. I suspect I’d get better growth and results, but I’m struggling to work out where they should go. I could get move them into the ‘wild bed’ and abandon it as a totally self seeding natural bed. Alternatively I could create a raised bed for them which would then at least enable me to net them. I could put them right at the bottom of the garden but then I suspect they won’t get the sun they need. I’ll have to have a ponder but I’m suspecting it it will be a raised bed that is the winning option.