Day 342 – 8th December – Two Birds A Eating

Day 342 20181208

Apologies for the poor quality photo, I had to zoom in on my phone and didn’t have time to get the big camera our that would have provided a better zoom.

Having restocked some of the bird feeders I had guests more or less straight away with a couple of Thrushes stocking up from the fat balls and suet cake. The one of the fat ball is easier to spot, but there is also one hanging onto the right hand side of the suet cake feeder. It just blends into the background too easily, especially when zoomed in. I was reminded to make sure the feeders were stocked up well as it’s not good for the birds to exhert energy getting to the feeders and not having enough there to replenish and stock up for a while, so as a request, if you’re reading this and have bird feeders in the garden, please keep them stocked up for the sake of the birds this winter.

Day 184 – 3rd July – A new dining experience

Day 184 20180703

After the success of my baffle on my homemade experimental feeding station I decided that it was time to replace it with a nicer option that would look better in the garden, and, being honest, not look as if it was going to fall apart at any moment. After a bit of research I found one that had the right number of feeding stations, and had a 5 pronged spear at the base for added stability. Even after a couple of hours of it being set up it was attracting visitors.

Day 151 – 31st May – Eating Out, Plan B

Day 151 20180531

The bird feeders didn’t seem to be attracting a lot of visits by anything other than the squirrels so I’ve done some thinking and have placed them in slightly different locations which hopefully won’t be as visited by the squirrels having them hanging near the hanging baskets in the garden. I’m still not totally convinced by one location (not pictured), but hopefully I’ll have a brainwave in due course.

Day 122 – 2nd May – Three Course Meal

Day 122 20180502

Having sorted out a different bird feeder to the ones that I already have it was time to sort out the other two and get them back into action. They needed a good clean and I needed to decide where to place them. In the end a new item added to the garden recently became an ideal item to hang the feeders from, providing three very different food types in the same location. Normal bird seed in the first, niger seeds in the middle and the fat balls etc in the newest. Hopefully the birds will now come flocking.