Day 291 – 18th October – Lighting the way

Day 291 20181018

Well winter is coming so it is time to make efforts to look after some of the local wildlife. To that effect I’m keeping the bird feeder and bath topped up. I had noticed a problem with one of the feeding stations and that no matter what, it wasn’t attracting any bird. I think the problem was that on one occasion there was a damp issue with the seeds and that they now avoid it permanently. I’ve therefore purchased a new (not too expensive) bird feeder that should have better drainage and access to the seed. It should also be easier to clean out. It’s meant to look like a lighthouse and I can see that, though obviously not in the colours. I’m hoping that it will be a beacon to any birds that want sustenance over the winter.

Day 230 – 18th August – Walking the Seasons

Day 230 20180818

Its a Saturday and I’m off on another long walk incorporating the Downslink path as part of the 1000 miles in the year challenge. I’m on track and fast approaching 700 miles. What also became apparent on the walk is that the other thing that is fast approaching is autumn, or fall for my American readers. I’ve seen many great big oak trees on my walks through the English countryside and for the first time I’ve noticed that the acorns are getting ready to fall. It seems odd to be talking of a change in the seasons when the weather is still doing ok (more or less) and the long hot summer we’ve had, but it’s nearly September and for me that always is the start of autumn. For me the next sign will be horse chestnuts on the ground. To be fair the seasons have been a bit mixed up this year with the extra cold winter and the extra warm summer, so they are probably a little earlier than usual. However it’s a timely reminder that I will probably be needing to dig out the warmer walking gear before too long.