Day 97 – April 7th – New Followers

Day 97 20180407

It’s always nice to be followed and I’m grateful for the people who follow me on this and find some of what I say either interesting or entertaining. On today’s long walk I collected some extra followers, though I suspect they won’t be logging on to follow the blog. They were at the end of the field I was walking through and I took a looping route to avoid walking through the middle of them. On going past one decided to start following me (possibly it had picked up on the chocolate bar in my rucksack), but that quickly became the whole group. The style wasn’t far away and I’ve been followed by cows in the past (even nudged by them trying to access my rucksack, again I suspect for the food in there) and know that generally they won’t cause trouble. Once I was over the style they stood there and complained a little at not being fed. I however would be within about an hour of having acquired my new fan club.


Day 61 – 2nd March – A chilly oasis

Day 61 20180302

The weather has been unusually cold of late as previous posts have indicated. When I check on my water feature there was probably about 4 or 5 inches of ice. There have been reports of canals and areas of the sea frozen. So unsurprisingly the village duck pond was frozen too. There was however a small oasis for the ducks and other water fowl to have a dip in, chilly as it may have been.

Day 48 – 17th February – Mary had a little lamb

day 48 20180217

Finally there has been a Saturday where walking was a joy. The sun was out, the sky was blue, etc. I was on another long walk as part of the 1000 miles in the year challenge and it was noticeable how many others were out too. Also in the 2 weeks since I last did a long walk there had been some new arrivals with a number of lambs gallivanting around one of the fields on the South Downs Way. They stayed a good distance away with their mothers, as one would expect, so with the mobile phone I was limited to how good the picture was going to be.

Day 30 – 30th January – Casting Off

day 30 20180130

So it’s unfortunately that the first day after the DSLR has stopped working is one where I really need a decent zoom and I don’t think the phone camera gives the best quality when zoomed in, so I’m sorry about that. Another photo from my regular lunchtime walk around the local duck pond. The photo says it all and it just made me smile. Reminds me a bit of the scene in Finding Nemo with the gulls all crying ‘Mine’. I’ve no idea if there are any fish in the duck pond. Maybe later in the year I’ll stand nearer the edge (a bit too muddy at the moment) and have a look and report back. Speaking of which, most of the geese have now moved on, but there are still a few left.

Day 28 – 28th January – Birds of a Feather

day 28 20180128

Sunday, a nice day and ample time for walking a local loop that I can easily access and it only takes a couple of hours. There are also enough small variants that I can add to it to keep it interesting. This Emu made the standard walk quite interesting today as I didn’t expect to see it in someone’s garden. Knowing that they can be known to peck I kept my distance, but it was fun to see something unexpected.

Day 18 – 18th January – Pond Parking

day 18 20180118

On my lunchtime walk I managed to get this picture on my phone. I was expecting the bird (a black-head gull I believe, but with it’s winter plumage) to fly away as I approached. When it didn’t I took the opportunity to get the camera (well phone) out and take this slightly comedic picture. I will be checking tomorrow to see if the is a bird flying around with a parking ticket attached.

Day 16 – 16th January – Fly by visit

day 16 20180116

As part of my target of walking 1000 miles in the year in dedicated walks, I’ve been doing a walk to a local pond and back in my lunch break. It’s a good walk as it works out to 2 miles. Today there were some unexpected guests at the pond. These are apparently Greylag geese and aren’t regular residents in the pond. Getting the photo wasn’t easy as everything people say about geese and them making good guard dogs is true. They were happy to hiss at me and make sure I didn’t get too near. There were even some that were fighting between themselves and charging at each other.