Day 97 – April 7th – New Followers

Day 97 20180407

It’s always nice to be followed and I’m grateful for the people who follow me on this and find some of what I say either interesting or entertaining. On today’s long walk I collected some extra followers, though I suspect they won’t be logging on to follow the blog. They were at the end of the field I was walking through and I took a looping route to avoid walking through the middle of them. On going past one decided to start following me (possibly it had picked up on the chocolate bar in my rucksack), but that quickly became the whole group. The style wasn’t far away and I’ve been followed by cows in the past (even nudged by them trying to access my rucksack, again I suspect for the food in there) and know that generally they won’t cause trouble. Once I was over the style they stood there and complained a little at not being fed. I however would be within about an hour of having acquired my new fan club.


Day 93 – 3rd April – Memorial

Day 93 20180403

With some extra days off of work around the Easter break I took advantage and did some extra walking to help keep on track with the 1000 miles in a year challenge. I was also interested to see how busy the South Downs Way would be on what would be a work day for most rather than a weekend. On the route I had planned I came across this unexpected memorial in tribute to those who died during World War II in an airplane accident. While this was on a listed bridleway, its not on a national trail so won’t receive as many visitors as others. It’s beautifully kept and if anyone wants to know how to reach it, I’m happy to give directions on how to find it.

Day 88 – 29th March – These boots are made for walking

Day 88 20180329

With all the walking I’ve been doing I’ve been looking at getting new walking shoes. My walking boots I’m happy with. However my walking shoes have seen considerably more use and while still in one piece are really in need of updating. I’ll probably still use them of other stuff, but long walks would have been a challenge. So I’ve made a purchase and in the expectation (hope) of nice conditions under foot later in the year, bought the above pair of walking shoes. Hopefully they will last longer than the bag they came in which fell apart within 30 minutes, but then that was considerably cheaper!

Day 82 – 23rd March – Not a blank canvas

Day 82 20180323

I don’t expect many surprises when I do my lunchtime walk to the local pond. I suspect there may be a couple of photos to come of it, but I can’t think of many more. Today’s walk did bring a surprise though with someone doing a painting of the pond. It was wonderful to see and it’s been quite a while since I have seen someone out doing a painting of somewhere that isn’t at a celebrated tourist attraction, let alone a less well known location.

Day 76 – March 17th – Footprints

Day 76 20180317

Having had a weekend off walking last week, I was back on the footpaths and bridleways today. It was odd weather as I started the walk with everything green and finished the walk with everything white. Part way through the walk, on a very much lesser trodden path, I looked back and saw the above. They are my own, obviously, but it reminded me of the ‘Footprints’ story of the person asking God why during their times of trouble there were only one set of prints.

Day 62 – 3rd March – Between two worlds

Day 62 20180303

Once again it’s the weekend and a lot of the snow is vanishing so I decided to head out on a long walk as it was forecast to be dry, if chilly. There were some good views to be had with snow still in a few places, at least at the start of the day. Along the South Downs Way I came across this marker on the the track, showing where the Meridian Line goes through the South Down Way. With one foot either side I could genuinely say that I was between two worlds, well hemispheres.

Day 55 – 24th February – The Sun and the Moon

day 55 20180224

So another weekend and it’s time for another long walk as part of the Walk 1000 miles challenge. I actually managed my longest one yet of almost 19 miles. I suspect that I won’t actually get into the 20s with walks I currently have planned, but maybe in the summer I’ll plan a really long walk somewhere. For the second Saturday in a row it was dry and the sun was out. Additionally towards the end of the walk, the moon also put in an appearance and it’s just about visible above the bridge and the hill in the middle of the wispy clouds. The picture does make the weather look nicer that it was as up on the hills there was a particularly strong and cold wind blowing into my face.