Day 98 – 8th April – Connecting the Parts (pt2)

Day 98 20180408

Despite some inclement weather today (light rain for most of the late afternoon), I’ve managed to get the second new top frame up and connected to the grapevine arches. There are still a couple of small things to do for it to be totally finalised, but the important parts are now complete. The remainder will have to wait for better weather. Hopefully this will mean that I don’t need to work on this part of the garden for a number of years.


Day 96 – 6th April – Connecting the Parts (pt 1)

Day 96 20180406

So with the wood ready to put in place I’ve replaced one set (two cross beams and 6 connecting batons) of the grapevine arches top frame. Happily enough, just about everything matched up and while it’s not quite perfect, most of the major connections lined up and I was able to remove and replace in a relatively short period of time. I should be able to get the second set up before the end of the weekend.

Day 85 – 26th March – Discount Development

Day 85 20180326

I’ve decided to experiment further with what I’m growing by adding a Goji Berry. I had a 50% off a single plant voucher through the door for a local garden store. While I knew some of the plants that I wanted, sadly the store didn’t have any, so I went for something different. I’ve now got a range of berries and while they are currently all potted, I need to decide whether I will continue with that to plant them out and create a ‘berry’ area of the garden.

Day 79 – March 20th – Pile it high

Day 79 20180320

I’ve been going great guns on building the new raised beds and only have 3 more left to have ‘refurbished’ all of them in the last year. Hopefully they won’t need replacing for a good number of years after this. In the meantime the remains of the old ones remain. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to re-purpose some of the wood rather than it automatically being either recycled or used as firewood.

Day 73 – March 14th – Shear Bewilderment

Day 73 20180314

I decided to buy a cheap pair of shears. I don’t have a lot of plants that need them so I have started off by getting a set from a supermarket just to see how they go. However what amazed me was that there were no checks required on this purchase. For alcohol they have to confirm that I’m over 25, and for most bladed items, again there is an age check in the UK, but for some reason (despite the obvious danger they could cause), there was no requirement for staff at the store to confirm I was an adult. This seemed like an obvious and worrying gap in safety checking to ensure potentially dangerous items were likely to be used responsibly.

Day 56 – 25th February – Raw Materials

day 56 20180225

Having replaced 2 of the 3 rotting sleeper based raised beds that I have, I decided that I would have a go at building one myself as it would be cheaper. There are some quite cheap raised beds available to buy but the material isn’t always great, so I opted for cheaper than the ones I normally buy. I managed to achieve that with what I bought from the store. In the picture are 4 planks of decking which will be cut in half to provide double the height of one and thus a deeper bed, and a wooden fence post for securing the corners.

Day 20 – 20th January – Bed Rest

day 20 20180120

Not much I can say. There are so many bugs that have been going around that I was bound to suffer eventually. This is the only photo I can possibly post as this was were I spent the day (more or less). I did at least go to the trouble to make it, so hopefully no comments about things being messy! Unfortunately they don’t even have a design that can liven up the photo! I was feeling better by the end of the day (better, but not well) so I’m hoping that this will be the only time I have to post this sort of photo!