Day 282 – 9th October – Easy Savings

Day 282 20181009

It’s that time of year when I need to look into car insuance costs. Like lots of people now I do the usual cost dance with the insurance companies. This dance consists of them charging more for the second year of insurance but quite a bit. My step is then to use a comparison website for a cheaper price, followed by a phone call and negotiation to a lower price (or as sometimes happens a goodbye and a policy with someone else). The insurance companies expect this and I believe that they provide a higher quote expecting it to come down. I had mine reduced to that of a competitor without any haggling at all, which does make me wonder exactly how low they would have been willing to go. Still, for a quick phone call I saved enough to be happy with the result.


Day 272 – 29th September – Feeling Flushed

Day 272 20180929

Never in a million years did I think I would post a photo of a toilet, let alone an airline toilet. Let alone would it be the last post of another fantastic holiday. However it provided what was a wonderful comedy moment at the airport. While wait to board we were informed that there was an issue with the toilet in the first class section of the plane and that it would unavailable for the entirity of the 2 hour flight. The airline desk staff then announced that ‘if anyone needed a potty break they should use the airport toilet now or altnatively they could use the standard class toilet during the flight’. Firstly I loved the idea of first class passengers taking a ‘potty break’ and secondly, I’m now wondering what the first class toilet looks like and how much nicer it is from the standard class toilet given both are on a plane with not a lot of space available. I suspect it will be a long before I get to find out!

Day 262 – 19th September – Do Not Disturb

Day 262 20180919

I landed in Tuscon without any problem and after getting to the airport enjoyed a meal with friends before calling it a night after the equivilant of staying up for 24 hours. I was only staying one night at the hotel so was somewhat surprised to have the maid knock on the door and attempt (I’d put the lock across) to clean the room at 8.30. Now I’ll admit that I didn’t put out the do not disturb sign on the outside handle, but as I was checking out I had assumed I didn’t need to as the room would be on the list to do after check out. I’ll know better for next time if I’m staying there, but am thankful I remember to put the lock across.

Day 261 – 18th September – Flying High

Day 261 20180918

So I’m off to the USA again on holiday. It’s another ranch trip, though this one has a difference that I’ll mention in forthcoming posts. For a change though I was flying out on a week day. This had an added bonus that I had all three seats to myself. I wasn’t the only one either. This meant that for a change I could take some photos. It was cloudy for quite a bit of the journey and there’s a lot of ocean to fly over too. I’m not sure which town this is. I have tried to work it out but to no avail. If I do find out I’ll update later.

Day 258 – 15th September – Birthday Trip

Day 258 20180915

It was my mum’s birthday today and as a family we met up and went to London for the day. She had a list of a couple of things she wanted to do. The first was to visit Westminster Hall, which we did and also visited the Voice and Vote exhibition about women’s role in parliament. Also available to visit was St Stephen’s Hall which I recommend for some wonder stain glass and paintings. Next on the list, after lunch was a visit to HMS Belfast. Just as we were about to go there (it’s pictured on the left), we noticed that Tower Bridge was open with a ship having just gone through, so that added nicely to the day trip. HMS Belfast itself was good and the audio tour is recommended, you will get to hear a lot about life on board. There is a health warning with that though as I did thump my head on one of the hatches as I went up. The day finished after dinner with a trip on the Skyline going across the Thames and back at night on a cable car.

Day 240 – 28th August – Changes

Day 240 20180828

I’ve got a flight booked for next year (yes that’s very early to have one booked but it was an airmiles offer and I had to book early to ensure I got the deal. Today it got changed three times in the space of half an hour. I was quite surprised to check my email and see all these changes lined up next to each other, and a little concerned. In the end I was happy with the changes that were made given the cancellation of the flight I was booked on (the routes are now being shared between two airlines of the same alliance rather than just one). The funniest bit for me though was seeing that I had been moved from a cancelled flight onto another one, then from that one back to a cancelled flight (and finally onto flight that was actually running!

Day 232 – 20th August – Are you my driver?

Day 232 20180820

This morning started like any other morning. Woke up, had a coffee, did the usual stuff that one does in the morning that I will spare you the details of! I loaded the car up with what I normally take to work, locked the front door and got into the driver’s seat. It was at this point I was suddenly knocked out of my ‘every day routine mode’ as suspended right in front of me, at head height, no more than a foot away from my face was a spider. Thankfully I’m not worried about spiders, at least of this size so there was no sprinting out of the car and I had time to appreciate the wonderful web that it had built over night. The photo doesn’t really show it very well but you can see it better at the bottom half of the picture against the darker background. After a quick check with the spider that it didn’t have the required insurance to drive me to work, the spider left the car, the web was cleared away and I headed off to work, back into the normal daily routine.