Day 266 – 23rd September – Call me Daryl

Day 266 20180923

While at Tombstone Monument Ranch there has been the opportunity to do some archery. This is something I have done before, as a child, but it has been a few years. I wasn’t missing out on a ride and given the short time I’d be there I wanted to do as much as possible. What I wasn’t expecting was to be firing at Zombie targets. I will be honest in that I missed more than I hit, but then I was also aiming for the head shot, what with them being zombies and all that. So just call me Daryl from now on.

Day 155 – 4th June – Under Pressure

Day 155 20180604

Once every other year or so I pressure wash my drive. I was desperately needed due to a large growth of moss that wasn’t going away. It wasn’t slippy, especially not at this time of year, but every time it rained it got trodden on and walked into the house leaving dirty marks on the carpet. While it looks a bit like something from a television advert, the difference between the washed and unwashed sections is staggering.

Day 110 – 20th April – Hardy Colours

Day 110 20180420

I got fascinated last year with hardy geraniums after they were featured on Gardeners’ World. As a result I used them to create what I hope in time will be a flow of colours across the redesigned flower bed from last year. After over 6 months of dormancy some of the have suddenly sprung to life and are now boasting a number of flowers, hopefully with more to follow.

Day 24 – 24th January – Suit Up

day 24 20180124

Fallen behind a bit for reasons that hopefully will be obvious from this and a couple of other catch up posts. Time to get back on track. OK, so I’m using a Barney phrase, but it matches the picture. Interview tomorrow and this is the suit for it. Nothing new, I’ve had it a number of years but with the way of office work now-a-days I don’t wear it on a daily basis which is why it’s lasted. People who see it still seem to feel it looks smart which is all I want from it.