Day 324 – 20th November – Hot House

Day 324 20181120

Maybe it was yesterday’s snowdrop or maybe it was sitting on the sofa thinking that my nose was cold, but the heating has gone on. I’m lucky that I don’t feel the cold generally so it must have been a sign that it really is getting cold now that I was starting to feel it. I will have the heating higher than the temperature at which I will normally think about turning it on as there is a level of comfort that I may as well have as it’s on with having the house overly warm.



Day 311 – 7th November – The Rectangle Window

Day 311 20181107

Like most houses now, I have double glazing. At least I have double glazing in all by one window. The stained glass window that provides light to the ‘hallway’ that I have at home. Although I don’t have any pictures of the house when it was first built in the 1970’s I suspect that it was an orginial feature. When I bought the house all the windows and doors had been recently replaced, so that will have been about 15 years ago. In the space of nearly 50 years though the wooden frame for this window has got to the point where is is rotten beyond my repair skills. There have been developments in the last 15 years as well and I’ve been told that I will be able to keep the window and have it incorporated into a double glazed by the small company that I’ve had recommended.

Day 309 – 5th November – A Reply But Not An Answer

Day 309 20181105

I remember a TV show I was watching when one charachter said to another in their response to a question, that while all answers are a reply, not all replies are an answer. Today I finally had a response to my follow up question to British Airways about the data hack they suffered. Unfortunately their response fell into the category of not all replies being an answer. In fact the response clearly failed to even touch on the two different areas that I had enquired about. What I did get was clearly a pre-prepared response that gave the impression it was sent out to anyone following up on the original email. I’ve therefore had to respond and I’ll wait to see if they actually decide to answer the questions posed.

Day 302 – 29th October – Getting Crushed

Day 302 20181029

I have turned the grapes into juice and have 6 and 1/2 drinks containers of juice as a result. At the moment they still need to settle having been ‘whizzed’ through a juicer rather than crushed under foot. I simply don’t have time for that. I’ll leave them covered like this for a few days and then skim what is left at the top and decant the juice into some bottles. Given each of these are about a litre I wasn’t far off on my estimate of just over two bottles of grape juice.

Day 299 – 26th October – Accessory Arrival

Day 299 20181026

The bits that I ordered for the new mobile phone arrived today. Screen protector and case. The screen protector is different from the type I normally use. It’s possible that they haven’t produced any film screen protectors and will in due course, but this one was a tempered glass one. Having never tried one before I was slightly cautious, but so far I’m happy. It certainly was able to be applied without any trouble, or more importantly bubbles forming. The case is the type I normally get. It doe hid what is a very nice back to the phone which is meant to help with grip, but the case itself will protect the corners better and on the rare occasion the phone takes a bump, will absorb the shock better. Now all I need to do is transfer everything from the old phone to the new!

Day 298 – 25th October – Late Loss

Day 298 20181025

Very late today (and too late to have been able to realistically do anything had I needed to) I received an email from British Airways about having been caught up in the hacking incident they had earlier in the year. Back then a friend of mine had booked at the time and cancelled their card as a precaution. By a fluke of timing I didn’t have to as the card used had been cancelled a month or so ago, so I have been lucky in that respect. I have though contacted BA about the issue as there is certain information they have left out of their email (which I won’t publish here for obviousl reasons) that may or may not have been affected by the hack. An absence of reference probably means everything is ok, but I don’t take chances like that. Hopefully it is just a case of forgetting to mention rather than forgetting to look at whether other data has been comprised. Their reply (and possibly the speed of it) could be telling.

Day 295 – 22nd October – A new model

Day 295 20181022

I’ve been having hassles with the mobile phone I purchased at the start of the year. It still works but I’ve never felt comfortable with it (operationally). It was an experimental phone to be fair with features that I never ended up using and was a result of a new collaboration of companies. I therefore made the decision to get a replacement phone given the new incarnation has just been released and all the reports are that they have dumped the experimental stuff and gone back to their previous set ups. Today the phone arrived. Slightly larger than my current phone but not as large as some of these phones that masquerade as tablets (or is it tablets masquerading as phones). I now need to get the accessories to protect it for everyday use, but my evening will be spent setting it up via the Wi-Fi so that it is ready for use when everything arrives.