Day 99 – 9th April – It’s just a film

Day 99 20180409

As we probably all do now a days I recently ordered a DVD. It was a pre-order and today it was delivered. What shocked me was declaration sticker on it featured above. It starts quite normally but then moves onto confirming that the item isn’t dangerous etc. I appreciate that it is probably a legal form of wording for the company to cover themselves and to ensure that things go though customs quickly, however I did end up thinking ‘but this was just a DVD I ordered’.


Day 88 – 29th March – These boots are made for walking

Day 88 20180329

With all the walking I’ve been doing I’ve been looking at getting new walking shoes. My walking boots I’m happy with. However my walking shoes have seen considerably more use and while still in one piece are really in need of updating. I’ll probably still use them of other stuff, but long walks would have been a challenge. So I’ve made a purchase and in the expectation (hope) of nice conditions under foot later in the year, bought the above pair of walking shoes. Hopefully they will last longer than the bag they came in which fell apart within 30 minutes, but then that was considerably cheaper!

Day 78 – March 19th – Capsule Carrier

Day 78 20180319

Having been given the coffee maker, I needed somewhere I could store the capsules the thing uses. Space is at a premium in my kitchen and even more so with coffee maker added. Therefore the extra ‘deck’ space that the coffee maker needed to be used and this storage option gave the best way to be using this. It fits perfectly onto the ‘deck’ and can still rotate.

Day 73 – March 14th – Shear Bewilderment

Day 73 20180314

I decided to buy a cheap pair of shears. I don’t have a lot of plants that need them so I have started off by getting a set from a supermarket just to see how they go. However what amazed me was that there were no checks required on this purchase. For alcohol they have to confirm that I’m over 25, and for most bladed items, again there is an age check in the UK, but for some reason (despite the obvious danger they could cause), there was no requirement for staff at the store to confirm I was an adult. This seemed like an obvious and worrying gap in safety checking to ensure potentially dangerous items were likely to be used responsibly.

Day 69 – March 10th – Negative Feedback

Day 69 20180310

So I had some disappointing news. The camera shop called to let me know they had heard from the repair shop. Much to my surprise, there wasn’t even a quote for how much it would be to repair it. The above comment was the final blow, quite literally, for the camera. So the next step is to get a replacement.

Day 67 – March 8th – Let there be light

Day 67 20180308

At some point last year, while doing some pruning I managed to cut through the cable of a set of solar lights that went through the grapevine arches that I have in the garden. It was the wrong time of year to find a suitable replacement so for a long time I have had half of the arches lit up at night with the other half in darkness as it takes two sets to properly light them. With spring in the air the shops are now selling the lights I had previously had and I have managed to untangle the the old lights and wind the new set through the arches and vines. Happily now with both sides are lit the arches look a lot better.

Day 46 – 15th February – Freebie Films

day 46 20180215

I picked up a couple of film download vouchers a while back with some battery purchases. I had a look options when I first got the vouchers and wasn’t instantly grabbed by what was on offer, so I waited. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a change in the options, so before they expired I picked the two films to get. I opted for The Life of Pi and There’s Something About Mary. I enjoyed the book of the Life of Pi and the film has some excellent cinematography. There’s Something About Mary is a funny film and a good one to have in the digital library if I’m looking for something lighthearted.