Day 361 – 27th December – Equipment Preserver

Day 361 20181227

Being fortunate enough to have the days between Christmas and New Year off of work it’s time to finish off the painting job I had started in the kitchen earlier in the year. It’s completion had been delayed due to holidays, running out of paint and the store not having any more in immediately. Having got the room all taped up I was ready to go and put out the protective sheets (no comments about the style please) and got out the rollers and paint brushes. I had forgotton that I’d wrapped them in film to stop them drying out between uses. It’s a handy trick if you’re using one a lot over a series of days. I didn’t imagine that after a number of months the roller and brushes would not have dried out and would still be perfecty usable. It’s certainly life a lot easier for finishing the task.

Day 345 – 11th December – Complete!

Day 345 20181211

With the bad weather that the winter season brings I have more time inside and have completed my first big jigsaw of the season. Given this was a second hand one there was always the possible problem that it may not have all the pieces. The word complete on the box may provide some confidence but I have learnt from experience that could be an old reference and for those who have read earlier posts, I even know that the picture on the front of a second hand jigsaw might not mean anything. It was a relief that this had all the pieces and great satisfaction in being able to put the final piece into place and view the whole thing.

Day 333 – November 29th – A bolt from the internet

Day 333 20181129

One of my jobs earlier in the year was to do a minor work on the patio doors to ensure that they shut propperly for the winter with all the locking points connecting to create a proper seal from the elements outside. With that successul the next thing I want to do is to replace what is called the slave lock on one of the doors. The original one had suffered as a result of the weather being able to sneak in. While it does still work, it’s very stiff to use, often needing a screwdriver to act as a lever to help raise the bolt. Therefore, so that I can freely open both patio doors I’ve purchased a replacement lock. A few measurements and a bit of internet searching and I had found what I needed. I won’t fit it to next year as there’s no need to now, but it will be nice not to wonder if I really want to have both doors open in what I hope will be another nice summer.

Day 248 – 5th September – Oh Sandy!

Day 248 20180905

All the replastering that I’ve been having to do in the kitchen before painting has been becoming somewhat time consuming. While it has been great for the arm muscles, it is slowing down progress far too much. I have therefore purchased a mini sander which will do the job far quicker and hopefully enable me to get back on track with my own personal timetable for getting the kitchen painting finished. I do like it and I will be able to use it on some other projects that I would like to do next year, so it won’t be a one time usage.

Day 228 – 16th August – Painting the town…neutral

Day 228 20180816

With all the good weather that we’ve had it’s been easy to forget that there are inside jobs that need to be done. Now I’m still going to enjoy being outside as lets be honest, in the UK we don’t get long hot summers very often. However I want to gradually get things ready for when the weather truly does turn and I’m stuck inside. Part of that will be redecorating and giving the house a lick of paint. This has been ongoing over the last few years and next on my list is the kitchen (sage), the hall (ivory cream) and the main bedroom (barley haze). I have an issue with paint though in that I’m colourblind. If I’m buying then I’m normally with a friend or I’m replacing like with like. I’ve done that with the above in part. The hall is already ivory cream so that’s going to be like for like. The main bedroom is going to be an experiment with the barley haze. It’s probably a little lighter than the current colour scheme, but it should make the room seem a bit lighter. There will be lots of preparation needed for this and I suspect I’ll only get the kitchen and hall done this year, but that’s two more rooms done and only two left for next year.

Day 220 – 8th August – Bigger by design

Day 220 20180808

Pleased with the success of my previous repair job I elected to sort out the next really obvious wall issue that I had. At the start it didn’t look like this as it had been a case of some blown plaster. None had come off and it it just stuck out from the all a bit. Again, most people probably wouldn’t notice it, but as this wasn’t behind a curtain, I would see it every time I when up and down the stairs. I like to do a proper job so I wanted to get rid of all of the plaster that was loose, even if it could have been left. The idea being that if I did that, then the chance of it happening again would be reduced. As a result the area that would need to be re-plastered was larger than originally expected. That said, it’s nothing that a basic ready made plaster filler can’t deal with, even if it has to be done in sections to reduce the size each time, allowing the filler to set properly each time.

Day 218 – 6th August – There’s a hole in my… wall, dear reader dear reader.

Day 218 20180806

For a long time now I have had a small hole where some plasterboard fell in. It’s never been an urgent repair job as it’s been by a window and has been covered by a curtains. I would hazard a guess that everyone else who has been to the house would be blissfully unaware it’s there such is it’s nature, and the photo makes it look larger than it really is. With poorer weather now starting to appear it’s time deal with some of the minor jobs around the house. I’d wondered for a while how I would ever fix this as any plaster would also fall into the hole. As is often the case now-a-days, the internet came to the rescue and I discovered these thin, self adhesive patches. As it was in the corner I had to trim the mesh, but then used those bits to provide extra strength towards the base. I won’t need to apply a lot of plaster to now cover this and it’s solved a long term repair job.

Day 196 – 15th July – Chipboard changes

Day 196 20180715

Having successfully put up 3 sets of shelves, I couldn’t put up the remaining 3 sets without taking down or removing long standing shelving options that were either of no real use or reaching the end of their usable lifespan. There were a number of small 3 inch deep shelf units which came down in favour of shelves that were about 15 inches deep. Out came a very old bookcase (probably about 20 years old) that was falling apart in a number of areas, but given how old it was I feel I’ve had value for money from it. There was also a fibreboard shelf attached to the crossbeams of the garage. I’ve no idea what that was for unless it was to hide things from people who wouldn’t be looking very closely. It will all go to the recycling depot later in the week so even though it has no purpose now, its current situation may not be final.


Day 193 – 12th July – Sign your name

Day 193 20180712

To continue with the shelving work in the garage I have had to start taking down some of the items left of the garage walls from previous owners. I took one item down to prepare for the next set of shelves only to find a name scratched into a brick. The house has had a number of previous owners and I doubt I’ll ever know who Mary is, or was. It may even have been done by someone who was visiting. All I do know is that if I take other items down and come across the name Joseph I’ll start to see the garage in a new light!


Day 191 – 10th July – Storage solution

Day 191 20180710

For a long time I’ve been wanting to create more and better storage space in my garage. Its an old garage (over 40 years old) and with the exception of a few modern day cars, it’s never going to be used to keep a car as it’s too small. Even at least 15 years ago there was evidence that it was a tight space as there was carpet attached to bits of the interior wall to protect the doors. Anyway, with the good weather we’ve been having, it has given me the opportunity to empty the garage and create enough space to undertake the work needed to put up some shelving. It’s nothing special, it is, after all, a garage. However when I repeat this on a number of walls around both sides of the garage I will have created a much more usable area.