Day 327 – 23rd November – Stone but no sticks

Day 327 20181123

Work places can have unusual events happen wherever you work, I think that’s something everyone can agree on. Somewhat strange today was the arrival of 3 pebbles. I say pebbles as I feel they look more like they have come from the local beach rather than the countryside. They had actually been left on the staircase but moved here as they were considered less dangerous. No one at work has any idea why they were left there and they will remain one more work place mystery. However it won’t be one I’ll worry about.


Day 326 – 22nd November – Coming Down From On High

Day 326 20181122

While it’s still November and these won’t be used for a while, the Christmas decorations have been taken down from the loft. Part of the reason for this is so that I don’t have to go up into the loft again until they go back up (hopefully). Not all of these will be used, and some of the crates are half empty just because of the shape of some decorations so it’s not quite as many as it looks, but it does mean that I can change the display each year. A lot of it is very understated and traditional as well as for me Christmas is about something far more important than decorations.

Day 325 – 21st November – An Early Dusting

Day 325 20181121

Clearly I had chosen to turn the heating on just at the right time as much to my surprise (and most people locally), in the morning I was greated by a light dusting of snow. Compared to early in the year this is just a dusting and it will be gone by the end of the day if not sooner. However this is a fairly significant snowfall as this is the first time in 30 years that I can remember snow falling this early in the year. Whether it’s a one off or a sign that the snowshovel will need to be on hand again this year I’m not sure, but in a year where the weather has had extremes, this is just another instance of the unusual year.

Day 324 – 20th November – Hot House

Day 324 20181120

Maybe it was yesterday’s snowdrop or maybe it was sitting on the sofa thinking that my nose was cold, but the heating has gone on. I’m lucky that I don’t feel the cold generally so it must have been a sign that it really is getting cold now that I was starting to feel it. I will have the heating higher than the temperature at which I will normally think about turning it on as there is a level of comfort that I may as well have as it’s on with having the house overly warm.


Day 323 – 19th November – Single Snow Drop

Day 323 20181119

I moved one of my winter/spring pots out of the garage last week as I had noticed that a bulb has started to poke through. Today it the flower came and it was a snow drop. None of the other bulbs have pushed through yet, so it’s still on it’s own, but sometimes I feel that a single bulb in flower can be just as stunning to look at as a whole bunch. Others will follow I’m sure, but I think that it’s probably fair to say that with the snowdrops now coming, so is winter.

Day 322 – 18th November – Early Preperations

Day 322 20181118

Christmas is still some way off, and in terms of preparing for it, most of what I have been doing has focused on the present side of things. The tree is still a while away and the house decorations are still in the loft. However one thing that I do have to set up in advance is some of the plants for Christmas. Along with a tree, the other plant I assocaite with Chrismas are Hyacinths. However to have a chance of having them flowering at Christmas, they need to be set up about now. This is batch one and batch two, an identical set up, will be started in 2 weeks time to provide a longer display. They will now spend the next few weeks in the dark before moving them into the lounge, hallway etc.

Day 321 – 17th November – At the sharp end

Day 321 20181117

With the main gardening season over and the weather this weekend continuting to be pleasant enough to spend a few hours outside, I decided to do some preperation for next year. After a year of use I have a number of garden tools that were in need of sharpening so that they don’t damage plants when they are pruned.