Day 290 – 17th October – A new vision

Day 290 20181017

I visited my mum today to help with a few things around the house and garden. It was nice weather which was handy for the outside work and the indoor work took less time than expected, meaning that I was able to get everything on the tick list completed with time to spare. In some of the sorting out that my mum had done, she gave me something of my Grandfathers. While it doesn’t look like it, this is a set of binoculars. The lenses fold out and with a little bit of co-ordination you can hold them up to look through. The smaller lenses can even zoom in and out a little for different focusing. While they may be old and not of any great financial worth, they are rather cool and something that not a lot of people will own.

Day 267 – 24th September – The Town Too Tough To Die

Day 267 20180924

The Town Too Tough To Die is the decription that Tombstone gives to itself and given our location and having a bit of time between our last ride at Tombstone Monument Ranch and our first ride at our final ranch, it was worth a short visit. Tombstone itself is a proper town that people live in, and then there is the tourist area that consists of the main street, some museums, tours, shows, shops and bars. The highstreet has been wonderfully maintained and a number of buildings are clearly still the original, if not most of them. We stopped for a drink and meal in Big Nose Kates (she was Doc Holliday’s companion) and then had a quick stroll up and down the road. The merchandise wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but I’m glad to have been and seen some elements of what the wild west really was like.

Day 258 – 15th September – Birthday Trip

Day 258 20180915

It was my mum’s birthday today and as a family we met up and went to London for the day. She had a list of a couple of things she wanted to do. The first was to visit Westminster Hall, which we did and also visited the Voice and Vote exhibition about women’s role in parliament. Also available to visit was St Stephen’s Hall which I recommend for some wonder stain glass and paintings. Next on the list, after lunch was a visit to HMS Belfast. Just as we were about to go there (it’s pictured on the left), we noticed that Tower Bridge was open with a ship having just gone through, so that added nicely to the day trip. HMS Belfast itself was good and the audio tour is recommended, you will get to hear a lot about life on board. There is a health warning with that though as I did thump my head on one of the hatches as I went up. The day finished after dinner with a trip on the Skyline going across the Thames and back at night on a cable car.

Day 193 – 12th July – Sign your name

Day 193 20180712

To continue with the shelving work in the garage I have had to start taking down some of the items left of the garage walls from previous owners. I took one item down to prepare for the next set of shelves only to find a name scratched into a brick. The house has had a number of previous owners and I doubt I’ll ever know who Mary is, or was. It may even have been done by someone who was visiting. All I do know is that if I take other items down and come across the name Joseph I’ll start to see the garage in a new light!


Day 93 – 3rd April – Memorial

Day 93 20180403

With some extra days off of work around the Easter break I took advantage and did some extra walking to help keep on track with the 1000 miles in a year challenge. I was also interested to see how busy the South Downs Way would be on what would be a work day for most rather than a weekend. On the route I had planned I came across this unexpected memorial in tribute to those who died during World War II in an airplane accident. While this was on a listed bridleway, its not on a national trail so won’t receive as many visitors as others. It’s beautifully kept and if anyone wants to know how to reach it, I’m happy to give directions on how to find it.