Day 80 – March 21st – Something New

Day 80 20180321

Grabbed by a sense of adventure as I bought some more supplies for the remaining raised beds that I intend to build I have bought something new to try and grow. I’ve bought ginger before and I know it has health benefits so I thought I’d give it a go. From the instructions I don’t think it will be a problem and at the end of the day if it is then I haven’t wasted a fortune. On the reverse, if it works and I can save a bit of suitable tuber root each year, then I could have a new regular crop each year.


Day 74 – March 15th – A New Kind of Office

Day 74 20180315.jpg

This may not look like and office chair, but for the day it will be. Work is closed for the day and we’ve all been told that we need to work from home. With the internet that is more than possible on the odd occasion. I know that in theory I should work at a desk, but as I only use a laptop at home and 99% of the time (probably more) I do so from this (or similar) seat, I figured that it would make a good office chair for the day. It was certainly more comfortable than the usual one!

Day 34 – 3rd February – Where the Land Meets the Sea

day 34 20180203

For my longer walks I’ve decided that walking the length of the South Downs Way will be good to do in the process. In theory the 1000 miles could be done by doing the South Downs Way 10 times, but in reality that’s not practical for many reasons. This is from close the the start the trail. The cliffs are receding and bits collapse each year. Despite this people still go right to the edge to look over or pose for photos. You’ll not catch me doing that. Are though great to look at and I suspect the phone’s camera doesn’t really do them justice.

Day 27 – 27th January – Retro Walk

day 027 20180127

Saturday and I have been feeling a lot better so a long walk was called for, especially give I’d missed 9 days of walking in the year already which wasn’t good for the 1000 miles challenge. Lots of interesting sights on the way, but I’ve chosen an old English favourite that is slowly dying out. The traditional red telephone box. There were actually two in the village and while I didn’t try them, both looked to be in working order, which was good to see. Long may they stay there.

Day 22 – 22nd January – Split Decision

day 22 20180122

Sometimes when things aren’t going well, then even the simplest thing will go wrong as today’s photo demonstrates. All I wanted was a vitamin etc boost drink. The powder in a sachet sort that you just have to add water too. The ones I use come as two sachets joined together but with perforations. However as can be seen, they didn’t seem to work well on this pack when I split them in two, and unfortunately the tear that managed to split open the pack was at the bottom rather than the top. With the button yesterday and this today, I’m getting nervous about tomorrow!

Day 20 – 20th January – Bed Rest

day 20 20180120

Not much I can say. There are so many bugs that have been going around that I was bound to suffer eventually. This is the only photo I can possibly post as this was were I spent the day (more or less). I did at least go to the trouble to make it, so hopefully no comments about things being messy! Unfortunately they don’t even have a design that can liven up the photo! I was feeling better by the end of the day (better, but not well) so I’m hoping that this will be the only time I have to post this sort of photo!

Day 14 – 14th January – All things come to those who wait

day 14 20180114

So I purchased the above cross-trainer a while back second hand and it worked very well. I did some shifting of stuff in the room and suddenly it stopped working properly. It would still turn etc but the ‘on board computer’ would cut out after 30 seconds each time. Looking at the wiring connections has been on a to do list for a while. I moved everything in the spare room around over the holiday period and today finally got some time to have a look at the wiring. For some reason I decided to plug in the machine to check it first and low and behold without having to do anything, it was back to full working order. I’m going to guess that when I actually come to using it for exercise it will stop working properly again because that’s just how its likely to go. However for the time being, I’m happy that waiting seems to have fixed things and that I haven’t had to take it all apart.