Day 287 – 14th October – Latecomers Welcome

Day 287 20181014

For a variety of reasons (illness, holidays and other commitments on both sides), just over 2 months from my birthday I saw some family today and recieved some welcome late birthday presents. A mix of the practical, useful and enjoyable, they show up some of what I enjoy in life. A book about Wimbledon and the queuing and Henry Blofelds recent book, both of which I’m sure will proove entertaining. A new lightweight mini tripod for my camera which will be useful when travelling and a travel mug that will keep my coffee warm for longer. Oddly this is more of an issue at work so it will probably find it’s way there.

Day 258 – 15th September – Birthday Trip

Day 258 20180915

It was my mum’s birthday today and as a family we met up and went to London for the day. She had a list of a couple of things she wanted to do. The first was to visit Westminster Hall, which we did and also visited the Voice and Vote exhibition about women’s role in parliament. Also available to visit was St Stephen’s Hall which I recommend for some wonder stain glass and paintings. Next on the list, after lunch was a visit to HMS Belfast. Just as we were about to go there (it’s pictured on the left), we noticed that Tower Bridge was open with a ship having just gone through, so that added nicely to the day trip. HMS Belfast itself was good and the audio tour is recommended, you will get to hear a lot about life on board. There is a health warning with that though as I did thump my head on one of the hatches as I went up. The day finished after dinner with a trip on the Skyline going across the Thames and back at night on a cable car.

Day 225 – August 13th – Another year…

Day 225 20180813

Well in reality it’s another day, but officially I’m into the next year of my life. It’s been a working day. I’m not one for big parties and don’t really see the point in taking a day of leave just because it is my birthday. I’ve had some nice presents, some expected, some surprises, but all of them welcome and useful. I’ve seen family and friends over the weekend and into today, and there is still more family to see later in the year. All in all, it’s been a good extended birthday.

Day 186 – 5th July – Anyone for tennis

Day 186 20180705

Although I don’t play as much as I used to, in terms of sport, my best one is tennis and as such has been a sport that I have always followed closely. To that extent one of the items on my yearly ‘to do’ list is to try to get tickets for Wimbledon. I’ve been very lucky that most years and I’ve been able to go and that even in the few that I haven’t made since I first went, I’ve been able to get a match day programme, creating a library dating back to 1984. This year the tickets were for Centre Court, and while they were nearly right at the back, the view was still good. The highlight for me was to see Nadal play, who oddly enough I had never seen play live before.

Day 168 – 17th June – All are valued

Day 168 20180617

It’s Fathers Day today in the UK. Now I’m not a father, and not close to being so, however the church I go to doesn’t like to distinguish. They work on the basis that man in the church should be seen as being values on the day (as they do on Mothering Sunday), noting that limiting the day to just those who are fathers can also have a negative affect on those who either aren’t, or can’t be. So every male in the congregation today got a card and a present, and everyone was told personally how much they were loved and appreciated by the church family.

Day 91 – 1st April – Unfortunate Corrections

Day 91 20180401

It’s Easter Sunday, so officially, Happy Easter. That was the message I sent to a friend of mine, however my phone decided to autocorrect for me and change it to Eastern. It’s not the unfortunate type of autocorrect that you see in the funny sections on the web though my friends response was quite amusing. I realise that the phone doesn’t ‘know’ what day it is, and is just running an algorithm, but I can’t help feel a little sad that on Easter Day the phone automatically assumes I’m not talking about Easter.

Day 89 – 30th March – One a penny, two a penny,…

Day 89 20180330

It’s Good Friday so really a hot cross bun is the only appropriate picture. I quite enjoy them but at the same time don’t like that they are available all year round now. I’m not entirely sure why either. After all the rest of the Easter range of food (chocolate eggs really being the remainder of what is a limited range) doesn’t get the same treatment. I guess it’s because chocolate comes in other forms and hot cross buns don’t. However they symbolise the start of the Easter weekend and an opportunity to celebrate all that Easter represents.