Day 132 – 12th May – Growing Together

Day 132 20180512

It was the Church Away Day for the church I attend. This was the first one I have attended since I moved to the church plant from the main church. It was very different and there was a very strong sense of everyone attending (which was most of the church) having an active role in the discussions of how the church should grow. This is a benefit of being part of a smaller church that isn’t always possible for larger ones. There was also time for some great teaching and good fellowship. The only downside was the weather didn’t play ball and it rained most of the day. The teaching itself was on the third part of the summary of the church’s mission statement. The previous two away days focusing on the first two (which I will now have to listen to).


Day 112 – April 22nd – Fronting Up

Day 112 20180422

I had a first today. I led the service at the church I attend. (Just to be clear, that’s doing the welcome, notices and a final prayer, it’s not the sermon!) I’ve stood in front of people lots of times but I was still nervous. I think the first time you do anything where you’re in-front of people that is going to happen. I had prepared things in advance and was able to run through things with a friend who had more experience. I hope it went well. Not for me, but for others as leading a service is nothing about me, but all about the others in the room and hopefully saying something that people can relate to. If I get to do it again, I hope that I won’t be quite as nervy as I was today.

Day 91 – 1st April – Unfortunate Corrections

Day 91 20180401

It’s Easter Sunday, so officially, Happy Easter. That was the message I sent to a friend of mine, however my phone decided to autocorrect for me and change it to Eastern. It’s not the unfortunate type of autocorrect that you see in the funny sections on the web though my friends response was quite amusing. I realise that the phone doesn’t ‘know’ what day it is, and is just running an algorithm, but I can’t help feel a little sad that on Easter Day the phone automatically assumes I’m not talking about Easter.

Day 90 – 31st March – Peas to you

Day 90 20180331

OK, so it’s a play on a religious term but given it’s Easter weekend I thought I’d be allowed the pun. The weather forecast was poor today so I decided that a day in the garden, where I could rush to shelter if needed would be good (in the end it was dry most of the day). There was a lot to do but after 11 hours I’d made good progress. The lawn was cut, the raised beds finished and installed, seeds sown either directly or to seed trays for both flowers and vegetables. There’s still a lot more to do, but a lot of the main work has now been sorted. The photo is of the pea netting installed in one of the new raised beds. One of the many tasks I got through.

Day 89 – 30th March – One a penny, two a penny,…

Day 89 20180330

It’s Good Friday so really a hot cross bun is the only appropriate picture. I quite enjoy them but at the same time don’t like that they are available all year round now. I’m not entirely sure why either. After all the rest of the Easter range of food (chocolate eggs really being the remainder of what is a limited range) doesn’t get the same treatment. I guess it’s because chocolate comes in other forms and hot cross buns don’t. However they symbolise the start of the Easter weekend and an opportunity to celebrate all that Easter represents.

Day 76 – March 17th – Footprints

Day 76 20180317

Having had a weekend off walking last week, I was back on the footpaths and bridleways today. It was odd weather as I started the walk with everything green and finished the walk with everything white. Part way through the walk, on a very much lesser trodden path, I looked back and saw the above. They are my own, obviously, but it reminded me of the ‘Footprints’ story of the person asking God why during their times of trouble there were only one set of prints.