Day 93 – 3rd April – Memorial

Day 93 20180403

With some extra days off of work around the Easter break I took advantage and did some extra walking to help keep on track with the 1000 miles in a year challenge. I was also interested to see how busy the South Downs Way would be on what would be a work day for most rather than a weekend. On the route I had planned I came across this unexpected memorial in tribute to those who died during World War II in an airplane accident. While this was on a listed bridleway, its not on a national trail so won’t receive as many visitors as others. It’s beautifully kept and if anyone wants to know how to reach it, I’m happy to give directions on how to find it.


Day 92 – 2nd April – Are you receiving me?

Day 92 20180402

ike many people, when I’m working in the garden I will have the radio on. I’ll flick between channels and depending upon where I am in the garden, it’s location will change. Sadly, due to a slamming gate, the aerial suffered a decapitation today. Thankfully it still works fine and I suspect part of that is with it being a digital radio rather than an analogue one.

Day 91 – 1st April – Unfortunate Corrections

Day 91 20180401

It’s Easter Sunday, so officially, Happy Easter. That was the message I sent to a friend of mine, however my phone decided to autocorrect for me and change it to Eastern. It’s not the unfortunate type of autocorrect that you see in the funny sections on the web though my friends response was quite amusing. I realise that the phone doesn’t ‘know’ what day it is, and is just running an algorithm, but I can’t help feel a little sad that on Easter Day the phone automatically assumes I’m not talking about Easter.

Day 90 – 31st March – Peas to you

Day 90 20180331

OK, so it’s a play on a religious term but given it’s Easter weekend I thought I’d be allowed the pun. The weather forecast was poor today so I decided that a day in the garden, where I could rush to shelter if needed would be good (in the end it was dry most of the day). There was a lot to do but after 11 hours I’d made good progress. The lawn was cut, the raised beds finished and installed, seeds sown either directly or to seed trays for both flowers and vegetables. There’s still a lot more to do, but a lot of the main work has now been sorted. The photo is of the pea netting installed in one of the new raised beds. One of the many tasks I got through.

Day 89 – 30th March – One a penny, two a penny,…

Day 89 20180330

It’s Good Friday so really a hot cross bun is the only appropriate picture. I quite enjoy them but at the same time don’t like that they are available all year round now. I’m not entirely sure why either. After all the rest of the Easter range of food (chocolate eggs really being the remainder of what is a limited range) doesn’t get the same treatment. I guess it’s because chocolate comes in other forms and hot cross buns don’t. However they symbolise the start of the Easter weekend and an opportunity to celebrate all that Easter represents.

Day 88 – 29th March – These boots are made for walking

Day 88 20180329

With all the walking I’ve been doing I’ve been looking at getting new walking shoes. My walking boots I’m happy with. However my walking shoes have seen considerably more use and while still in one piece are really in need of updating. I’ll probably still use them of other stuff, but long walks would have been a challenge. So I’ve made a purchase and in the expectation (hope) of nice conditions under foot later in the year, bought the above pair of walking shoes. Hopefully they will last longer than the bag they came in which fell apart within 30 minutes, but then that was considerably cheaper!

Day 87 – 28th March – Where’s Wallet

Day 87 20180328

OK, so it’s not a red a white stripped wallet but I spent an hour looking for this without success this morning and then another hour when I got home. Unlike most lost wallets I wasn’t worried as I knew the last time that I’d had it was at home because I’d used it to sponsor a friend and had the email to prove it. I’d checked everywhere (at least I thought I had). In the end I found it down the back of the sofa, but not in the traditional way. (I had of course checked the sofa first). The bit of the sofa that it was down the back of was the join between the two different recliner sections and I could only feel it was there with both parts reclined. I’ll need to remember that additional trick next time I’m checking. On the plus side I did (of course) find some money down the back of the sofa too. Sadly it was only a penny so I can’t really celebrate too much.