Day 351 – 17th December – Email Issues

Day 351 20181217

I mentioned earlier in the year that I had been caught up in the BA hacking scandal. Today the results of that became clear. Thankfully these are not financial, but in the form of other details being passed on. While I know that I would be safe, I wanted to ensure that I protected friends and family so I have started the process of closing down the email account that has been comprimised and setting up a number of different ones. It has given me the chance to rethink my emails accounts and I have set up an account that is solely used for companies. This way if the same happens again, it won’t be the email address that I use for friends and family that is compromised and I won’t have to worry about them. It will take a bit of time as I have quite a few email from the volunteer work that I do, but it’s just a matter of time and I’m happy to spend a few hours doing that to protect others.

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