Day 336 – 2nd December – Deck the tree

Day 336 20181202

This afternoon was spent getting the tree set up now that it has had 24 hours in the house and the branches have settled. I still found a few leaves in the branches, but its such a dense tree towards the bottom it was difficult to find them all. I have a regular set of decorations that I’ve built up over the years and with the exception of a few more commercial options, they are fairly understated decorations using woods, metals and other such natural materials. Even the more commercial ones are there for a reason to reflect or refract the tree lights. Everything seemed to work quite smoothly putting them up with only a few needing to be rearraged to get a sense of balance and the right visual effect. This is probably about as commercial as I get with Christmas as for me it’s about the celebration in 23 days time and what that represents for the world.

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