Day 232 – 20th August – Are you my driver?

Day 232 20180820

This morning started like any other morning. Woke up, had a coffee, did the usual stuff that one does in the morning that I will spare you the details of! I loaded the car up with what I normally take to work, locked the front door and got into the driver’s seat. It was at this point I was suddenly knocked out of my ‘every day routine mode’ as suspended right in front of me, at head height, no more than a foot away from my face was a spider. Thankfully I’m not worried about spiders, at least of this size so there was no sprinting out of the car and I had time to appreciate the wonderful web that it had built over night. The photo doesn’t really show it very well but you can see it better at the bottom half of the picture against the darker background. After a quick check with the spider that it didn’t have the required insurance to drive me to work, the spider left the car, the web was cleared away and I headed off to work, back into the normal daily routine.

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