Day 73 – March 14th – Shear Bewilderment

Day 73 20180314

I decided to buy a cheap pair of shears. I don’t have a lot of plants that need them so I have started off by getting a set from a supermarket just to see how they go. However what amazed me was that there were no checks required on this purchase. For alcohol they have to confirm that I’m over 25, and for most bladed items, again there is an age check in the UK, but for some reason (despite the obvious danger they could cause), there was no requirement for staff at the store to confirm I was an adult. This seemed like an obvious and worrying gap in safety checking to ensure potentially dangerous items were likely to be used responsibly.


3 thoughts on “Day 73 – March 14th – Shear Bewilderment

  1. Sad that some people think it’s the governments job to keep people from buying and being injured using tools like garden sheers.
    Maybe cutting edge tools should be band to to protect ‘adults’ from hurting themselves or others.


      • We have also had the madness of parents being told they can’t buy alcohol for themselves because they have their kids with them at the checkout and the checkout assistant defence is that the parent may give it to the child.


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