A year in photos – A reflection

Having produced a post and photo for everyday of last year, having a few days off from producing a blog has been a nice break, but I did want to post about the project and my thoughts about it having done it.

I have found it an interesting project. Finding something to represent the each day was a challenge. Some of the photos and topics covered probably highlighted that. None of it was planned in advance and while I didn’t necessarily post each day, each photo represented a day.

As well as interesting as a challenge, it has also been interesting as a reflection. None of it was planned and it was a full record of the year, both the good and the bad, sometimes the very bad. Looking back it shows where I tend to spend my time and what was important during the year. My faith, I hope, came through as important and while not posted about as often as some other themes, wasn’t something I wanted to shy away from. The garden featured a lot in one way or another and it was pleasing to see that I was able to complete a number of projects through the year. Pleasing not only because I got the projects completed (and the blog possibly helped with that), but also because it has highlighted to me that I don’t, as I sometimes think, spend too much time in a sedentary position in front of the television.

A further reflection from it that I gained is that, despite a number of more interesting interludes during the year, often there were times of day to day posts involving lunchtime walks, general gardening and even more humdrum items. It’s reminded me that life isn’t something that will be filled with one exciting day after another for the majority of it. Many of my friends say that I lead an exciting life, and I guess with the ranch holidays, some of the project undertaken and other things I have done, those do have an appeal. However there is also a lot of my life that is as boring as others. That I don’t think is a bad thing as I hope it has shown there is still plenty that we can have in our own lives, even with traditional jobs.

Finally, I would say to anyone else who is thinking about a similar challenge, (after all mine came from seeing others do it), I would encourage them to do so.

Day- 365 – 31st December – Hello 2019

Day 365 20181231

Well I’m relieved to know that I have got to day number 365 and that it matches with the last day of the year. There were times when I thought I had miscounted and would have to track back over half a year’s worth of posts. I will always see the year in with some champagne and will be sharing this with some friends later in the evening as we see the new year in with food, games and the above.

(In line with current blogging practice, I should point out that I am not being paid by G.H. Mumm to mention their product or brand).

Day 364 – 30th December – Last time in the garden

Day 364 20181230

Today will have been the last day gardening for this year for me. While there is still more do to (weeding, leaf sweeping etc), one of the tasks I had for the break was to prune the grapvine so that it puts its focus into growing in the directions that I want it to. It’s not a long job and was done in the space of about an hour as I only have a couple of vines to trim. I’ve adopted the same policy as last year and I’m hoping that it will have a similar result in terms of the amount of crop that is produced.

Day 363 – 29th December – Coming through for 2019

Day 363 20181229

Once flowers in my garden have finished blooming, I will try to harvest as much seed as possible. Most of these are in envelopes staying cool in tins in the garage. However the advise was to plant any alium seeds and nodules this year rather than wait. These are from the Alium Rosum that I sowed a few weeks back and from the nodules it grows rather than the seeds. Whether this will mean I have a profusion of these in the coming year I don’t know, but it will be nice to have a load more at no extra cost!

Day 362 – 28th December – Talking about the car wash

Day 362 20181228

Sorry it’s not a great picture but it was dark and I was nervous about having the car door open. Confused? Let me explain further. After the long journeies taken visiting family over Christmas the car was filthly. No surprise there. So when filling up with petrol I decided it would be a good opportunity to put the car through the wash. Nothing flash, just one of those automatic ones where you put in the code, driving in and it does it’s thing. Well today the first two of those took place. The third didn’t. It started, soaped up the car and then decided that enough was enough and stopped. In the end I managed to get the person behind to let htem know in the store that there was a problem and someone came along to restart it. However I just had a feeling that with the car door open it was bound to spring back into life so it was a very quick photo to record my predicament.

Day 361 – 27th December – Equipment Preserver

Day 361 20181227

Being fortunate enough to have the days between Christmas and New Year off of work it’s time to finish off the painting job I had started in the kitchen earlier in the year. It’s completion had been delayed due to holidays, running out of paint and the store not having any more in immediately. Having got the room all taped up I was ready to go and put out the protective sheets (no comments about the style please) and got out the rollers and paint brushes. I had forgotton that I’d wrapped them in film to stop them drying out between uses. It’s a handy trick if you’re using one a lot over a series of days. I didn’t imagine that after a number of months the roller and brushes would not have dried out and would still be perfecty usable. It’s certainly life a lot easier for finishing the task.

Day 360 – 26th December – I must be crackers

Day 360 20181226

It may be a bit early to be buying Christmas crackers as we’ve just had Christmas, but given these were in the sale and less than 25% of their original price I decide that it would be a wise to stock up in the Christmas sales as they will still be good next year. I’ve done the same for Christmas cards as well given they had similar if not better reductions.